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Instagram will now limit reach of potentially harmful content on its platform





  • Instagram has announced that its algorithm would now de-prioritize content that contains bullying, hate speech, or incites violence.
  • Posts considered ‘similar’ to those previously removed will be far less visible, even to followers, as a result of the current update.
  • A Meta spokesman acknowledge that ‘potentially damaging’ messages could still be removed if they violate the community guidelines.

Instagram is a powerful social media platform with the potential to reach a larger audience. If any hate content or bullying events are promoted on the platform, it will be harmful to the youngsters. While much of this type of content is already prohibited by Instagram’s rules, the move may affect borderline posts or content that hasn’t yet reached the app’s moderators.

Instagram has announced a new moderation feature that clean up users’ Feeds. The platform is now taking more action on “potentially harmful” content as well as posts containing content that you regularly report. In a blog post on the company’s website yesterday, the platform announced its new moderation changes. It won’t be removing any extra posts as part of this change. But it will start showing potentially harmful content much lower on users’ Feeds.

The update follows a similar change in 2020 when Instagram began down-ranking accounts that shared misinformation that was debunked by fact-checkers. Instagram said that the latest policy will only affect individual posts and “not accounts overall”. Until now, Instagram has tried to hide potentially objectionable content from public-facing parts of the app, like Explore, but hasn`t changed how it appears to users who follow the accounts posting this type of content.

Users’ history of reporting posts will also factor into Instagram’s recommendations

Instagram said it would also take the users’ reporting history into account before recommending content. “If our systems predict you’re likely to report a post based on your history of reporting content, we will show the post lower in your Feed,” the platform said.

Instagram will also remove posts that carry the same harmful captions that go against the community guidelines of the company. The Meta-owned company said that it is constantly improving its systems to be as precise as possible.

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