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Instagram will now need your face videos and your friends’ confirmation for age verification





  • Instagram has announced new ways to tackle the age issue in a better way.
  • Instagram now requires you to upload a video selfie for age verification.
  • The platform also lets your friends confirm your age for this process.

After forcing users to submit their date of birth to use Instagram, the app has introduced new ways to verify the age that the users feed in the US.  With this new update, the app is trying to restrict its access to kids below the age of 13 years and use the information to better target customers with ads.

At present, users need to simply upload their ID, a method that may take up to two days to verify, but you now have two more options. It has been nine months since Instagram made age-verification mandatory.


Instagram claims that usage is limited to teenagers and adults. The youngest age at which you can open an account is set at 13.

However, Instagram currently carries out no verification of claimed ages. All someone has to do to open an account is given a date of birth, with no attempt by Meta to check this. Indeed, some long-time Instagram users didn’t even need to provide a birthdate until the company belatedly added this requirement.

A study carried out last year found that upwards of 40% of children under 13 were using Instagram and other social media networks that claim to exclude them. Both parents and lawmakers have been calling on the company to address this.

The matter was given greater urgency when research among 2,000 US children using Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat revealed that a full third of minors had experienced an “online sexual interaction,” which included being asked for, or receiving, nude photos. The worst platforms for sexually abusive messages were Instagram and Snapchat, with 16% of minors on both platforms reporting sexual interactions.

Instagram has two main reasons

You can also use the second option, which is called social vouching. This is similar to asking your friends to confirm your age. However, the person who will be vouching for you must be over 18 years old and cannot be vouching for other people at the same time. In addition to this, there are also other protocols in place to use this verification method. You will have to ask three people to vouch for you who need to approve your age within three days of receiving the request.

Instagram has two main reasons why it wants to know about you: first, to make sure that it’s serving you the best possible experience, and second, to prevent underage users. For instance, if you’re 13 or 17 years old, your account will only allow private messages from adults that you know, as well as the various ad options that the app will display.

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