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Instagram will soon allow users to add music to their feeds



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  • Instagram to let users in India add music to their feed photos.
  • India is among the three countries where this will be tested first, the other two being Brazil and Turkey.
  • Instagram hopes to give its community a way to add a soundtrack to its Feed photos.

Instagram is now adding a new feature that allows users to add music to their feed posts. This feature will be available inside the Instagram feed composer in the app. Instagram is testing this feature with a small percentage of Instagram users in three countries, including India. With the new feature, one can now add music to their feed posts directly from their smartphone. The user will go to an audio page once they tap on the song. There they will see all feed posts using the same song.

The new feature will add a new “Add Music” option while putting a new post. Clicking this will open Instagram’s Music interface, where users need to search for a song they want to put in their post. You can pick a song from the “Trending” and “For You” sections as well. Once a song is selected, users can crop the duration and length according to their requirements. Once done, users can go ahead and post their content on the platform.

Last year, it had launched its new format ‘Reels’ that allows users to create and share short videos and India was among the first countries where it was launched. The company will launch a separate tab for ‘Reels’ and India is the first country to get this feature. Instagram said it is testing a new ‘Collab’ feature in India and the UK that will allow users to collaborate with others on Feed Posts and Reels.

How to add music to feed posts on Instagram?

To add music to your feed posts on Instagram. you need to:

  • Upload your photo.
  • Click on Add Music.
  • Search for the song by clicking on the Search field. You can also browse for music in the Trending or For You sections.
  • Select the song you want to add to your post.
  • You will then be taken to an audio page that showcases all feed posts that have used that song.
  • You can select the clip duration, as well as choose the length of time you’d like for it to play.
  • Tap on Done.

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