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Internet gaming drives growth for legal online casinos in Pennsylvania



Wherever you stand on the issue, it is impossible to deny that the tide is changing and online gambling seems destined to become legal in most corners of the country in the coming years.

Of course Pennsylvania is at the forefront of legalization, having embraced it back in 2017, a move which in retrospect was entirely worthwhile thanks to the surge in demand seen over the past 12 months in particular.

Various factors are at play when it comes to explaining the growth that Pennsylvania’s online casino operators have enjoyed, so here is a look at the way things stand at the moment and what elements have led to the rude health of the web-based gambling industry in this state and others.

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Online boom props up offline operators

The key thing to know about the best PA online casino sites found here is that, in order to comply with industry regulations, they have to be registered by a land-based operator.

This was a particularly important asset recently as the COVID-19 pandemic led to significant periods of closure for bricks and mortar casinos, while even after re-opening most were forced to implement reduced capacities in order to stop the spread of the virus through social distancing.

Because of the pandemic, many more Pennsylvania residents were left with lots of time on their hands while stuck at home, and so online casinos were there to cater to their needs and provide entertainment at a time when their options were limited.

In turn, although land-based casinos may have seen a slide in earnings, their online operations were able to net record revenues across the board. The Hollywood Casino, for example, made $38 million in 2019 from its online activities, and saw this figure surge to $291 million in 2020.

Even smaller locations with less established online presences were perfectly poised to capitalize on the scenario brought about by the coronavirus; Mohegan Sun turned $9.6 million in web-based takings from 2019 into $31 million for 2020.

Internet gaming appeal is set to endure

It is clear by this point that the legalization of online casinos in Pennsylvania was a good idea, not only because it allowed land-base operators to weather the storm of the pandemic, but also because the tax revenues generated by this uptick in activity can be pumped into a wide variety of public services as well.

Meanwhile in other parts of the country where residents are forced to gamble with offshore sites that are not licensed and regulated domestically, the authorities are incapable of accessing any kind of tax income until they take action to change the rules.

This should really be a priority, because it is also apparent that the popularity of internet gaming more broadly and online casino play in particular is not just a flash in the pan. Instead, it looks certain to remain more popular than ever even after the threat of the pandemic has subsided and bricks and mortar entertainment is back up and running at maximum capacity.

A lot of this comes down to the massive amounts of exposure that online casinos in Pennsylvania were granted during the pandemic, as discussed earlier. Not only were existing casino customers coaxed to experiment with the web-based services provided by their favorite land-based brands, but new customers flooded into these online platforms, creating the perfect storm of events to perpetuate internet gaming.

Accessibility is important

The circumstances that allowed Pennsylvania’s online casinos to undergo triple digit revenue growth in the last year are not solely influenced by the pandemic, even if this is the main aspect of note. In addition, the types of games being played by the latest generation of users should be considered because they are far more accessible in terms of the learning curve they offer, as well as the environment in which they can be played.

Slot games in particular are one of the top earning types of casino games both online and in real world venues, for the simple reason that the rules are straightforward and almost anyone can understand how to operate them in a matter of minutes. In comparison the more complex rules of table games makes them less appealing.

Likewise the rise of sports betting in all contexts proved yet another vital piece of the online casino puzzle during 2020 and into 2021.

All of this means that the gaming landscape has been changed irrevocably, and both casino operators and players are in a position to benefit from this rapid growth.

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