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Introducing Crypto Gift Cards: What Do You Need to Know?



The craze to give presents and gifts to your loved ones in the festive season or even casually is undoubtedly a beautiful gesture. Recent times have led people to lean more towards financial gifts as opposed to physical gifts. That being said, you would be glad to know that digital currencies have taken the gift game to a whole new dimension now.

With all the technological advancements in the world, cryptocurrency no longer remains just a domain of fintech nerds. However, those who are not aware of the dynamics of cryptocurrency still wonder how they could use such a ‘virtual currency’ to buy anything. If you, too, are one of those people, gear up; you’re in for a surprise.

What Are Crypto Gift Cards?

Just like retail gift cards, crypto gift cards can also turn out to be a true blessing for you. If you are interested in buying crypto gift cards, you can visit any website that sells crypto gift cards.

However, first, you would be required to buy cryptocurrency of your choice and pay the amount for it. Only after this purchase of cryptocurrency would you be able to receive a gift card that you can keep for personal use in the future or fulfill its purpose, which is to serve as a gift to any friend or family member. An important thing to keep in mind is that the receiving party should have a crypto wallet; otherwise, they won’t be able to redeem the crypto gift card.

What If the Person I Want to Give a Gift Card Doesn’t Have a Crypto Wallet?

If the gift card receiver doesn’t have a crypto wallet, purchasing an eCommerce gift card from a well-reputed site like Coingate would serve to be the perfect solution to your problem. Fret not; with every problem, there exists a solution as well. Take Walmart gift card for an example. Buying a Walmart gift card of any amount is absolutely possible and will undoubtedly serve to be a great gift to anyone.

Many reputable crypto exchange platforms offer free sign-ups. Registering yourself on such platforms is not more complicated than creating a new social media account. The receiver can simply create an account and redeem their crypto gift card.

Why Should You Choose Crypto Gift Cards?

Now you know that you can buy a crypto gift card, but the question that stands here is; why should you invest in such a thing? There are a lot of benefits to purchasing crypto gift cards. Following are one of the most prominent perks of going for crypto gift cards instead of the conventional ones:

Ease For Crypto Users

The concept of decentralization became the first reason for the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Later it became a gateway for the smart and lucky ones to build a fortune by trading cryptocurrencies.

Today, more people are in crypto trading than ever. Those who deal in cryptocurrencies prefer crypto over conventional currency every day. The introduction of crypto gift cards is great news for such people. Now crypto traders and holders can buy gift cards for their precious ones using the currency they love.


Gifts should look pleasant to both receiver and sender. If you talk about personalization, this isn’t possible with most conventional gift cards. When a touch of personalization is added to the present, it gets more special.

Contrarily, you can customize your crypto gift cards on most platforms to make them more precious. Most renowned crypto exchange platforms offer you to write a personalized message on your gift card.

No Fees

If you are with the crypto ecosystem, you might be aware that there is a fee on every transaction. The best part is that there is no fee for buying a crypto gift card. It makes crypto gift cards a more economical investment than the crypto itself.

How Do You Send A Crypto Gift Card?

We have been sending and receiving traditional gift cards for our whole lives now. Almost everyone is well aware of buying and sending them to loved ones. But what about crypto gift cards? How do you send these relatively advanced gift cards?

Sending crypto gift cards is more simple than sending a traditional gift card ever was. Simply copy the unique digital code provided on the crypto gift and send it to the recipient. If you want to deliver your gift card the old school way, send it over an email.


Cryptocurrencies are opening a whole new portal of opportunities for us in so many ways. One of the significant breakthroughs in the crypto world is the introduction of crypto gift cards. People who support crypto can now contribute to the cause by buying gift cards using crypto.

There are a lot of other perks of buying crypto gift cards as well. These cards are highly customizable. On top of that, you don’t have to pay any additional charges.


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