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iOS 15.4 update is coming soon: Here’s what to expect



iOS 15.4.1

Apple will be going to release the stable build of iOS 15.4 this week. The fourth update of iOS 15, iOS 15.4 is expected to come with a lot of new features that beta users have been using for a while now.

iOS 15.4: New features

Universal Control

The iPadOS 15.4 beta finally brings Universal Control, which was supposed to release last fall but was delayed until spring 2022. The feature, which lets you drag and drop files between the iPad and Mac (or different Macs) as well as share keyboard and mouse wirelessly between them, can be found in the AirPlay & Handoff tab in the General Settings. There, you’ll see a new Cursor and Keyboard (Beta) option.

Face ID with Mask

Face ID with masks

Apple will soon let you use Face ID with masks, by recognizing users with the exposed portion of their face instead of the whole face. This will allow users to unlock their devices using Face ID outdoors where taking face masks off could be risky. The feature will work with glasses, but not with sunglasses.

Since the feature will mean the scanning of a smaller area of a user’s face, the angle required for a successful unlock will now be more precise. If the angle requirement is not met, the phone will show a prompt asking user to look more directly into the screen.

AirTag changes

Apple announces several AirTag changes that will arrive this year. The first of will arrive in iOS 15.4. Apple has added a new message during setup that states AirTag is “designed to be detected by victims and to enable law enforcement to request identifying information about the owner.” It also warns that using an AirTag to track people without their consent is a crime.


There are several dozen new emojis as part of the Unicode Consortium’s Emoji 14 release. They include melting face, saluting face, biting lip, jar, beans, x-ray, bubbles, and more.

A new voice for Siri

Apple is reportedly adding a fifth voice option for Siri (for American users) and the new voice is expected to be more gender-neutral. Termed Voice 5, the new voice can be found and enabled by navigating to Siri and Searching in Settings.

DualSense adaptive triggers

This release enables developers to support the adaptive triggers function of the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller.

iCloud Keychain notes

You can add notes to a password entry in Keychain. Head to Settings > Passwords to see your Keychain entries.

Safari password management

Staring with iOS 15.4 beta 3, Safari will no longer silently save passwords for websites when it doesn’t have a login name. Instead, it will prompt you to enter your login, so it has a more complete password entry. The change was acknowledged by Apple developer Ricky Mondello on Twitter.

Apple Pay authentication screen

Apple Pay will feature a new authentication screen that will appear when you use the double-click side button shortcut. The authentication screen will require you to either use your Face ID or enter your passcode before you can use Apple Pay.

iOS 15.4 is also expected to include Tap-to-Pay that will allow users to accept contactless payments. This will allow businesses to simply use an iPhone to accept mobile payments. Any new hardware is other than an iPhone.

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