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Is It Legal To Use VPNs For Online Gambling?



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A large number of internet users use virtual private networks to protect their information while browsing. VPNs safeguard their personal and financial details from theft and offer safety against hackers. VPNs are also useful to circumvent geofencing and other restrictions to access online casino & gambling sites.

Gambling operators in some jurisdictions restrict specific countries for some reasons. It is therefore natural to wonder if it is legal to use VPNs for online gambling.

Will A VPN Unblock Gambling In Restricted Jurisdictions?

Online gambling is restricted in several countries of the world and ISP’s block sites for specific locations or IP addresses. However, virtual private networks enable accessing online casino websites restricted in your location. A VPN masks your location and lets you choose the location of another server you want to use to access the restricted website. With a good VPN you can access offshore gabling sites, let’s say, in Thailand where casinos are called in คาสิโน Thai language.

A VPN service works by routing your connection through a server located in a different country that is permitted for gaming online. This allows you to access the gambling website without being blocked because of your location.

Can Gaming Sites Detect The Use of VPNs?

Players generally use virtual private networks to mask their IP address and access gaming sites restricted for their location. This might be illegal depending on the laws in the country of residence which are often listed clearly on the casino website under ‘Terms and Conditions’. While some casinos may not be concerned about the use of VPNs, some others maybe.

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A number of gaming sites have measures in place to detect whether users are connected to VPN servers. Most casinos today employ dedicated software to spot repeated use of VPN services on their platform. If the site discovers that you are using a VPN to engage in unlawful activities, they might terminate your account. Some other sites are lenient enough to close your account and refund your balance, denying you further access to their website.

Best VPNs For Gambling Online

If you are interested in using virtual private networks to play games online, there are tons of options available in the market to choose from, with new services popping up every year. It is a good idea to select a VPN that offers a wide range of server locations, powerful encryption technology, and a good performance at unblocking restricted sites.

While some websites can easily detect that you are trying to mask your IP address, they may not find it too easy for reputed, high-quality services. Also, check for robust usability and privacy features. Most users recommend the following VPNs for secure online gambling.

NordVPN – This service lets you select from over 5300 servers across 59 countries. It has no legal obligations to store any activity data and offers a reliable, speedy service.

ExpressVPN – It has a strong network of more than 3000 servers across the globe so you have plenty of choices. It also offers fast speeds and an uninterrupted connection with top-notch security.

Some other good options are CyberGhost, ProtonVPN, Surfsharck, and Norton Secure VPN that provide exceptional services at affordable prices. You can find more about gambling VPNs in this article.

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So, you can always choose a good VPN service to play your favorite games at online casinos. You just need to make sure the website permits the use of these networks.

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