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Is Nswitchgames com Legit? Check Honest Review Here!



Hey readers, have you surfed Nswitchgames and found it an interesting one. But have confusion regarding Nswitchgames reviews, whether it is legit or not? then read out this post to the end and you will have all the answers.

As we know Nintendo games are one of the popular choices among users. people from different age groups play this game very often. But if you want to play any of these games for free, without spending a penny, then you can do so by using this Nswitchgames portal. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff !!

This popular website allows users to create a Nintendo Account and here you can easily add games for free. Here you can pick the game of your choice from millions of options. isn’t it great?  Actually, this website acts as a boon for all gamers, especially those who like free games.

Gamers from the United States always remain inquisitive to know about the platforms where they can play free games. During such exploration, one usually reaches a platform, Nswitchgames, right? So, now let us discuss is it a legit site or a scam.

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let us first know what is Nswitchgames? Actually, it is an online shopping retailer that offers free games to players who have Nintendo Account IDs or emails.  The site gathers some personal information as well, which can be misused later on.

So, we never suggest anyone put personal details anywhere on any website that does not have contact information. There are many other aspects you need to be aware of prior to making a decision to make it your shopping site.

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So here we are with a curated list of additional information that will help you to observe whether Nswitchgames is legit or a scam.

Specifications of Nswitchgames

  • Website type:

This is a virtual platform that provides Nintendo games without spending money is free.

  • Email:

The company’s email id is

  • Website:

The games’ platform’s official website is

  • Contact address: 

When we checked the contact address on the official website, then we find nothing.

  • Contact number: 

On more disappointing thing we find about Nswitchgames is that there is no contact number on the official website.

  • Cost of products:

The website claims that it offers games at zero cost. But when we checked that, this was not true. Some games listed there were costing in dollars, which is also not a good thing.

  • Sort and filter: 

If you want to run various sorting attributes or filters, then also it is not possible here.

  • Options for payment: 

There are multiple options for payment if you make a purchase of any game. Payment options available are – MasterCard and Visa Card.

  • Social media links: Not well connected on social media platforms.

Pros of Nswitchgames

  • When we looked out for the engine’s performance to diagnose blackslisted sites, then the result was nothing. So Any blacklist engine does not detect the site.
  • On checking the type of connection, then we found it is using an HTTP connection with SSL that is HTTPS, which is safer to use.
  • The platform offers a variety of most loved games free of cost.
  • Prime Nintendo switch games listed recently

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Cons of Nswitchgames

  • The main limitation of Nswitchgames is that the website’s popularity is not good.
  • It has a lower trust score among users.
  • When we checked website proximity, then its score found was 27 on 100, which is very low for a website of good reputation.
  • On checking the phishing score, it is found very high.
  • The website has very high Malware and spam scores which is not a good indication.

Now after reading the facts given above, you must be confused, about whether to trust this site or not, right? Let us make your decision a little easier. Just read out the various legitimacy points given below. Hopefully, this will help you to understand properly whether it is a fraud or a legit site.

Is Nswitchgames Legit? 

Let us scroll down to know about the legitimacy of the website in the section given below:

  • Website age: 

If we check the website age, then we found out that the website first originated on the 3rd December 2021 Friday. so it is not a much older site, in fact, it is a new one to the gaming industry.

  • Trust score of the website: 

On calculating the trust score of the website, it is found to be 0.5, which is not a good score.

  • Ranking in Alexa: 

There is no Alexa ranking on this website.

  • The legitimacy of contact address: 

There is no valid contact address given on the website.

  • The legitimacy of the Email ID: 

There is no mention of an email ID on the website.

Is Nswitchgames a scam?

We, as users always get attracted to the free deals or attractive offers.  This online platform offers a variety of free games. But everything that glitters, is not gold, right? So before accessing any website in order to get free stuff, it is always recommended to research it deeply so that later on, you should not regret it.

Because clicking on any suspicious website can make you trapped later on. We can determine the website’s authenticity by looking at the points below.

  • Domain age– on checking the website’s domain age, it is found to be 03/12/2021
  • Trust score– The website’s trust score is 1% which is low on comparing with similar sites.
  • Reviews–  when we try to check customers’ reviews of  Nswitchgames on the website, on a very strange note, we could not find anything.
  • Alexa Rank– The Alexa rank of the website is 0.
  • Plagiarised content– On checking the plagiarism level, we find out that most of the content present on the website is plagiarised.
  • Address originality– There are no address links provided on the website.
  • Social media links– while checking the website’s social media connections, We don’t find the presence of any community channels on the portal.
  • Unrealistic discounts– In fact, the discounts mentioned on the website are unbelievable.
  • Owner’s details– No information about the owner is present on the website.
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So, no legit information is found on the website. All the necessary information was found missing. So, we don’t recommend the usage of this website anymore. So we advise, people should not to trust the free offers. There is no information present, and we cannot simply trust the website and the deals.

Customer Reviews

when we explored the customer reviews, we could not find anything given by the people of the United States or any other country.

As nothing is mentioned on the website except the games and no details are provided, it doesn’t seem easy to understand what the website portrays.

Final Words :

Hey readers, this is all about Nswitchgames – whether it is legit or a scam. I hope you would found the post informative. If Yes, then share it maximum with your near and dear ones.

and if you still have any queries, then do write to us in the comment section below.

We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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