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Is PayPal a Good Payment Option for Online Casinos?



Good Payment Option

An increasing number of online casinos accept PayPal for payments. And it’s easy to see why. PayPal is the most successful e-wallet in the world. It has over 250 million customers. It’s fast, low-cost, and reputable.

But should you use PayPal for online casino payments? Some banking companies are opposed to gambling payments, after all. On the flip side, some merchants fear PayPal due to their chargeback policies.

Hundreds of Casinos Accept PayPal Payments

Let’s get this clear. Hundreds of online betting sites accept PayPal payments, from the US and Canada to the UK and Europe. Many of these operators have licenses from trusted regulators—the UK, Malta, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Importantly, PayPal also takes many measures to ensure it works with safe online casinos. Requiring each operator to have a valid license is only the beginning. Next, it asks for security tools, data collection policies, and fairness.

In other words, there are not just many PayPal casinos. Many of them are safe, reliable, and trustworthy. Of course, research in-depth before you select a gaming website, though. A seemingly safe website could have flaws you don’t tolerate—slow payments or poor customer service.

PayPal Protects your Data and Money

PayPal is a safe payment method. And it takes no chances in protecting your data and money. For starters, it uses SSL encryption to ensure your personal information is protected from hackers. 

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As we mentioned earlier, PayPal also vets online casinos. Read more at, especially if you also want to see a list of the best PayPal casinos. With that in mind, another way PayPal protects you is through PayPal One Touch.

One-Touch is a quick way of transacting with businesses online. It lets you deposit money at casinos without providing your log in details and completing billing forms over and over. By doing so, PayPal also helps you limit the number of websites you share your financial information with.

PayPal Supports Mobile Payments

PayPal supports mobile payments in two ways: native apps and a mobile website. You can install the company’s apps on both android and iOS devices. However, many casinos prefer web over native apps.

As a result, most payments take place through browsers. That’s alright, though. PayPal is as fast, safe, and seamless on mobile devices as it’s on other gadgets. And if you activate One Touch, you’ll eliminate the hassle of providing your billing information to online casinos.

This might seem obvious. But you only need one account to use PayPal across multiple devices. The same applies to online casinos—one account can serve you on your iPhone, iPad, and Windows computer.

Quick, Low-Cost Payments

You probably already know this. PayPal transactions are instant. The company uses an engine that processes 193 payments per second and five million per day. It’s not the fastest system—Visa handles 24,000 transactions per second.

However, it’s pretty fast. And that means if you want to play casino games immediately, PayPal can make it happen. Another benefit is that its transactions are pretty cheap. When depositing money to casinos, you’re not charged.

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Instead, PayPal works out transaction fees with casinos. When it comes to withdrawals, some operators impose fees. But there are many betting websites that let you cash out with zero charges.

To provide some context, credit cards tend to charge for deposits. And they’re slower in processing payments—takes 1-3 days against PayPal’s instant payments. On the flip side, bank transfer takes up to a week.

PayPal provides Payment Flexibility

If you use credit cards regularly, you’ve probably had a card declined. It can be embarrassing, especially when shopping for groceries at crowded stores. Fortunately, that’s not something you ever need to worry about when using PayPal for casino payments.

That’s because the e-wallet gives you the option to use funds in your debit card as a backup option. If you need to, funding your PayPal account takes a couple of minutes and there are many ways to do it. 

PayPal Chargeback Option

PayPal’s chargeback option is like a special weapon you can use against fraudulent businesses. For the uninitiated, the e-wallet lets you cancel a payment if a company fails to honor its end of the bargain—shipping products or allowing you to play casino games.

When you claim a chargeback, PayPal refunds the entire amount, giving you 100% protection against online scams. Unfortunately, some people abuse this system, which is why so many casinos refuse to work with PayPal.

That said, there are few instances when you can be forced to ask for a chargeback when dealing with PayPal casinos. That’s because many of them follow the e-wallet’s policies strictly, which ensures you have a smooth payment process.

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PayPal Helps with Record Keeping

Is there such a thing as overspending online? Absolutely—and it’s dangerous when dealing with casinos. Here’s why. Betting websites generally don’t limit the amount you can spend as long as it’s your money.

More importantly, overspending money at online casinos is usually a sign of addiction. And gambling addiction can lead to financial ruin, bankruptcy, and marital issues. To avoid these problems, take advantage of PayPal’s record sheet.

Check your casino expenses monthly. Re-evaluate your budget regularly. And talk to casinos to give you tools you can use to limit bankroll. If that fails to work, suspend your account through services like Gamstop or close it entirely.

PayPal Qualifies for Bonuses

In the casino space, some payment methods are better than others. And we are not talking about reputation or fees. They can help you claim bonuses. PayPal is one of them. When you use it to deposit money at most casinos, you receive free spins or free betting money.

The specific amount of money you get varies from one casino to another. Due to that, take time to compare bonuses and create an account where you get the best deals. For clarity, look beyond the bonus amount and review terms and conditions. Claim an offer with the best terms.

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