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IT Resume – How-To Guide 2021



Almost every workplace you see around has an opportunity for a focused information technology professional. Informational technology and computer jobs are among the highest growing occupations. By 2028 the IT occupation is projected to have increased by 12%, which is much faster compared to all other professions. IT jobs can be rewarding, exciting and lucrative. If you have the skills, all you need to do is to know how you can craft an appealing resume. Show the employer you have the qualifications required. With so many resume submissions, the hiring manager may discard your application without even reading it. If you aren’t sure how to craft an appealing one – IT resume service is your choice.

Follow this IT resume guide and see yourself in the interview door with your next application;

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Break Up Your Resume

The general format and layout of your resume should be inviting. Avoid a block of text. The initial impression must be attractive yet professional.

If your resume fails this first test, probabilities are, the decision-maker won’t read beyond this point. Break your resume into categories such as skills, work history and education. Neatly summarize your information using bulleted lists. Arranging it into categories and lists makes your resume easy to read and visually appealing.

Highlight The Most Important First

The most impressive achievement should be highlighted at the top of your resume. The most important information depends on your level of experience, job industry, and country. Nevertheless, pay attention to the following details.

First, your academic achievement should appear on your resume if you have limited work experience. If you have extensive work history relating to the position you are applying for, include your past work experiences before academic achievements. Secondly, ensure your personal information and contacts appear at the top of your resume.

Limit Your Resume Length

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The attention span of the hiring managers is very limited; hence try to limit it to one page or two at most. Anything beyond that has high chances of being ignored. Don’t include work experiences that are not relating to the position you are applying for. Your resume should only highlight your significant accomplishments, don’t include high school or college achievements. If

Mention Accomplishments and Not Completed Tasks

This is where most seekers fail. They mention something like, “created databases, used problem-solving abilities, updated company software”. Even though mentioning such efforts shows the work you did every day for the company, it doesn’t uniquely set you apart from other applicants

Instead, mention your accomplishments as specific as possible. For example, state how you designed software that streamlined processes saving personnel much of their time. Any instance that helped cut the budget delivered outcome ahead of deadline or surpassed expectation is worth mentioning.

Use percentage or numbers to quantify your successes whenever possible. For instance, if you assisted the company in streamlining the process, show how efficient the process became using percentage. If you developed an app that saved money, mention the amount saved. IT recruiters prefer such kind of data. It’s better to ask for help from the IT resume service if you aren’t sure how to go about it.

Use keywords

Keywords help in the job listing. Design your resume to fit the job application. If the job you are applying requires some skill set, mention those skills if you have them. It will help recruiters see easily that you are qualified for the job. With the current modern technology, companies are using Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that is helping them, screen candidates. Any interviewee with fewer keywords as featured from the job listing is electronically excluded.

Avoid Confusing Tech Jargon

Even though you are using technical language to list your skills, don’t use too much jargon, mainly terms and acronyms that aren’t familiar to many. Stick to the ones anyone in the IT industry will easily understand. The recruiting manager might not be familiar with complicated tech terms.

Proofread you Resume

Before you submit your resume, ensure you thoroughly edit and proofread your resume. Ask for help from a resume service writer or a friend to go through the resume as well. Ensure there are no inconsistencies or errors in your formatting.

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