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Jio Fiber Users Can Now Make Video Calls from TV Using Their Android Smartphone, iPhone Camera



Jio Fiber


  • Reliance Jio announces new video calls feature for smart TVs
  • Voice calling over JioFiberVoice services are free of cost for a JioFiber customer.
  • Data will be charged for video calls made over JioFiberVoice.

Reliance Jio announced during the launch of the Jio Fiber that its users will be able to make video calls via the Jio Fiber set-top box. Finally, the company has lived up to its promise with the JioTVCamera. JioFiberVoice is an integrated voice & video calling service, delivered over JioFiber HomeGateway through a 10-digit JioFiberVoice number. It can be used through landline phones, smartphones, and Jio Set-Top-Boxes.

What is JioTVCamera on Jio Fiber?

JioTVCamera is a camera through which you can make Full-screen video calls on TV through the JioCall app on Jio Set Top Box.  To set up JioTVCamera follow the following steps:

  • Connect the camera to the Set-Top Box and reboot the Set-Top Box
  • Launch the JioCall application and grant all permissions
  • Once the permissions are granted, you would be asked to ‘Generate OTP’ to start the configuration.
  • Once clicked on ‘Generate OTP’, the OTP would be sent to your Registered Mobile Number
  • Enter the received OTP and click on ‘Proceed’. Your Jio Set Top Box would be configured with your 10-digit Jio Fixed Voice number

You can also do Video Conference calls to non-Jio numbers through the JioVideoCall app from Set-Top Box. You can also use the Jio Chat app on your smartphone if you don’t have a Set-Top Box. It allows up to 4 people to talk at the same conference.

What are the features of Jio Fiber Voice?

  • One number, Multiple devices: You can now configure the same 10-digit JioFiberVoice number in a maximum of 6 smart devices including smartphones, Jio Set Top Boxes, and one landline phone.
  • In-house mobility for voice: Use your smartphone to make/receive landline calls at your convenience
  • Outside home mobility: Set up parallel ringing on a Jio mobile number to never miss a landline call
  • Conferencing: Audio and Video conferencing services
  • Supplementary services: Supplementary Services such as Call forwarding, Call hold/resume, and Audio to video upgrade/downgrade would be available for JioFiberVoice users.

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