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Kodi Not Working – Common Kodi Problems and Fixes



Kodi Not Working - Common Kodi Problems and Fixes

Are you exhausted after trying everything but still Kodi not working? Well, in that case, the solution is easier than you ever think of. Don’t fret over it !! Fortunately, you have landed at the right place as here, this ultimate quick guide will assist you in fixing all Kodi issues such as freezing, crashing overloading, buffering, or anything which keeps bothering you. Happy ?? 

Just keep scrolling and discover everything here !!

Common Kodi Issues and Fixes

  1. Kodi Fails to Start
  2. Add-ons causing problems with Kodi not working, running slow, or crashing
  • Can’t delete addons?
  • Can’t delete repository?

3.Performance-related issues

  • Video lagging during streaming
  • Random Blank screen popups
  • Freezing of Kodi  during playback

4. Overheating Issues

5. Repetitive Buffering issues

6. Unable to search addons

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#1 Kodi Fails to Start

Sometimes it’s very annoying when Kodi just simply refuses to start up, right? If it troubles you as well, then we have 2 fixes for you to solve this problem of you.

Fix #1: Download the latest Visual C++ Redistributable

Many times, the cause behind this issue is your newly bought device. Yes, you heard it right!

If you have purchased your Windows PC or even just updated your Windows, then also Kodi can trouble you. In that case, no error message appears, so you never come to know what is the exact reason behind that.

So, quickly install the latest Visual C++ redistributable in that case because, during updation, it may be the case that some Kodi files have been missed out by your system, then after installing Visual C++ redistributable, it will be resolved.

#Fix-2: Update Kodi to The Latest Available Version

Whenever an app is updated, its common bugs and issues get resolved automatically. So chances are quite high that your problem may get fixed if Kodi not working even after installation of Visual C++ redistributable.

#2 Add-ons causing problems with Kodi not working, running slow, or crashing

Many times addons become fretting and Kodi stops working, right? In that case, the following fixes may work out for you.

Fix #1 :

Delete an add-on –

Steps : 

  • Go to Add-ons
  • Open My Add-ons
  • Tap on one that you want to remove
  • Tap on uninstall in the next page that opens.

Fix #2 :

Delete a repository –

  • Go to My Add-ons
  • Tap on Add-on Repository.
  • Select what you want to remove.
  • Uninstall it

#3 Performance-related issues

  • Lag
  • App crashes
  • Reduced video quality
  • Lower frame rate
  • Slow-motion video
  • Out-of-sync sound
  • Long buffering times

Kodi not working, lagging, or anything? 

Fix: These may happen due to limitations of the Fire TV Stick hardware.  For that speed up your Fire TV Stick first.

#4 Overheating

 Overheating may damage your Fire TV Stick. It may be due to a long time plugged into the back of your TV and out of plain sight, the issue may be difficult to spot.

Fix :

  •  Purchase a USB-powered fan
  •  Point it at your Fire TV Stick

And it’s done, simple, right?

#5 Buffering

Fix 1: Move to Add-ons then redirect your cursor to Video add-ons

  1. Pick the addon that’s causing issues.
  2. Select the Tools option.
  3. Choose the options to Clear providers
  4.  Clear its cache.

Fix 2 : Use a VPN.

Using a good VPN can stop internet throttling and help avoid buffering issues.

ExpressVPN vs NordVPN (In-Depth Comparison Guide)

Fix 3 : Check your internet speed.

Bandwidth problems could be the reason of Kodi buffering issues. If you find you have speed issues, see if using a lower streaming quality may solve the problem.

#6 Covenant Kodi Not Working

Fix :

  • Go to Kodi
  • Move to Add-ons
  • Then hit on Video Add-ons
  • Open Covenant add-on
  • Pick Tool
  • Click on Covenant: Clear Cache
  • Choose Yes


Kodi will start working most probably after applying the above fixes. So what are you waiting for, find out the possible issue of you from the list and the stated fix as mentioned over there. If anything has skipped by us, do let us know in the comment section.

We will be happier to assist you.

Thanks 🙂

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