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Koikatsu Cards – Download, How to Use, and Install Guide



Koikatsu Cards – Download & Install

Koikatsu is one of the most popular Japanese adult games that makes its first appearance in the year 2019. it was created by the H-game company illusion. If we talk about the genre of the game then it is a direct dating simulation like SchoolMate. The age group which is maximumly fantasized by the game is definitely the adult ones. the major attractive party is its storyline that engages the participants with it for a longer duration of time.  Here the players have complete liberty to create their desired anime characters and can participate in the game.

The other interesting part is that here you can create an anime character. Here you get a variety of options to customize your character the way you want.  These changes or customization features are available from head to toe. Here you can also make changes in the size, shape, and weight of the body of your characters the way you desire.

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Koikatsu Cards

You won’t believe but this game alone has 200+ options to customize the characters in terms of shape and size. moreover, here you don’t only get the customization features for external changes but you can also make the internal customizations.

You can make your character more and more realistic by picking your preferences and opinions. And the anime character you have selected will work on all your commands.  He will respond the same way you like.  Moreover, overall all control will be in the gamer’s hands.  He can pick a character’s personality and sexual preferences throughout the course of the play. This will also help you in controlling your character whenever he/she will be in any erotic situation.

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Not only this, but Koikatsu party games also involve many mini-games as well.  By participating in these games, the players can perform various tasks assigned and could participate in various quests, and can win amazing rewards that you may not have seen before. isn’t it great?

How to download and install Koikatsu Party?

As we said earlier as well, this is one of the most promising adult games players have witnessed so far.  The best part is its gameplay which is highly realistic and comes with a user-friendly interface.  You can access this game easily. The only thing you have to do is to download the steam app on your gadget first.

  • After downloading and installing the steam app,  then you have to create your account on that.
  • But remember one thing you must be 18+ years old and age otherwise this will not work for you, as this is an adult game.
  • After the successful creation of an account, you can now add the game to your cart.
  • If we talk about the price, then this game is right now available at $59.99.
  • Moreover, you can also pick the game and add it to your wishlist so that you will be informed whenever the prices will drop.
  • Here the main limitation is that you can play this game only on PC.
  • Right now it is not available for PlayStations or Xbox.

Koikatsu Party or Koikatsu Cards – Gallery

You must be aware that there are almost millions of cards available for usage and installation. All you need is to know about them. For this, you have to follow the steps given below :

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First of all, you have to type Koikatsu or Koikatsu Party in the search box. after that, you have to click on search, and start discovering one of the amazing gallery collections you may explore. Here if you don’t want to search by scrolling, you can make a direct search as well by using the search box to find what you want or also browse the categories

Alternative site:

For this as well, you have to Enter Koikatsu in the search box. After that, you can start with your search. Here you have to click on search and start exploring another great HQ gallery. You can also make use of the search box to find what you want or also browse the categories Pokemon Go: What Is It and How to Use It?

Koikatsu Party or Koikatsu Cards – Download & Install

Koikatsu Party is an amazing recreation platform where you can create your own anime characters.  You will be amazed to know that the major gaming enthusiasts use to play this Adult only recreation on their gaming platform. Moreover, here you can also additionally download Koikatsu Cards in case you do not need to create them. In case you don’t know how to do so, then read out this post to the end to know each and every detail about it.

It is much simpler to do, Follow these steps :

Download the Cards

first of all, definitely, you have to  download the card (image file) or the cards you want:

For this, make a Click on right then hit on Save image, and then finally click on Save.

Install the cards

the next step is to install the cards. For this, you have to copy & paste the images of the card in UserData > Chara > Female or Male Folders

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Here, If you also want to install a mod of course then also, there will be some add-on requirements, so you have to read the description of the card first.

How to download and install Koikatsu Party 18+ patch?

till now, you must be aware that Koikatsu Party is only made for adults, and the steam app closely monitors or censor this game. So, right now only the censored version of the game is available. If you want to have the uncensored version, then the gamer needs to download the required content straight from Illusion. For this, the player has to download the 10+ patch and move to the special patch’ option on the top.  this will in fact start installing the patch on your device. With this patch, you can get access to different types of Koikatsu Party mods. For example:

l Koikatsu Party VR: With this option, gamers can easily interact with their anime characters through their VR headsets.

l The essential HF patch: This patch mainly refers to the HongFire mod that allows the player to have English translation and other more character creation options.

Final words

Hey folks, this is all about Koikatsu Cards. So if you are an ardent lover of Koikatsu parties and cards, then this post will surely help you out. Try out the methods mentioned above and do let us know which worked for you. Don’t forget to share this maximum with your buddies.

Stay tuned for more updates !!

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