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Latest Innovations in live casino technology



There’s no doubt that the introduction of live dealer games has been one of the biggest breakthroughs in online casino gaming in recent times. Even though online casinos have been in existence since the late 90s, they lacked the real and interactive experience. The introduction of live casino gaming eliminated that lack and since then players have continued to enjoy immersive gaming like never before. 

Despite this breakthrough being a huge one, live casinos have continued to improve and get better regularly. Many more features are being added to make players enjoy the exact interactive and engaging feeling they get at land-based casino venues. 

In this article, we will analyze some of the latest innovations in live casino technology that is making the industry better. But before then, let’s discuss how live casinos work.

How does live casino gaming work?

Unlike slots and video table games, live casinos aim to make you feel like you’re in a real-life gaming building. Live casino games are streamed from studios and a human dealer takes charge of the game. Instead of the cards being dealt by the computer, the dealer shuffles and deals the cards while the player watches in real-time. 

Many live casino games also make it possible to send messages to the dealer and receive feedback. Players can chat with themselves in some multiplayer games. These provide them with an interactive experience that cannot be gotten with slots or ordinary video table games.

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The following are the technology innovations that are making this possible. 

Powerful digital cameras

The latest cameras and recording devices in today’s world are incredibly excellent. Online live casino studios make sure they go for the best cameras to provide full HD effects to their players. These cameras help to capture every single detail of the games. These include things like the table, the cards or wheel, and even the surroundings. Some studios even make use of multiple cameras to provide views of different sections to the players. 

While many live casino companies use this technology, a notable one is Ezugi. Founded in 2012, the company provides cutting edge live dealer games. It streams these games from over 9 studios around the world using the latest cameras and professional dealers. Thanks to this technology, you can now play live teen patti with real human dealers in HD quality. The game allows you to watch the Teen Patti dealer shuffle the cards in real-time without missing any action.

Control Unit

The Game Control Unit (GCU) is the main component of live casino games. It ties the entire process of the live dealer experience together. It covers the encoding process and ensures that the live stream is transferred with top-notch quality and without delays. A Game Control Unit is attached to every live casino table. Without the GCU, it would be impossible to enjoy smooth streaming and immersive gaming. 

Studio Monitors

This is another important component of live casino games streaming. It is not an entirely new concept as it is being used by other industries. However, just like every other component, recent studio monitors are being designed with higher quality. 

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The studio monitors help the live dealer to ‘monitor’ everything going on in the game. They can see how many players are connected and the bets placed by each one. Through the monitors, they can also see the messages from the players. 

Optical Character Recognition Software

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is used in different areas of life. For example, it is used by traffic control and police forces to read the license plates of vehicles. 

Its main job is to turn texts and images into readable data. Without this, it would be impossible for casino studios to deliver the live casino experience. It helps to track the numbers and symbols on playing cards, the pocket numbers on the roulette wheel, and many other things. 

The technology also makes it possible to stream live casino games via video links.

Mobile Live Casinos

When it became possible to play slots and RNG casino games on mobile, players became so excited. Little did they know it would soon be possible to enjoy real-life casino experience on mobile. Today, you can sign in to your chosen casino and play a live game on the go. 

The developers of these live casino games make use of HTML5 technology to build these products. Thus, the games work perfectly on all manners of smartphones and internet-enabled devices. These include Windows phones, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, and also Tablets. 

The games work perfectly when playing on mobile just like it does on PC. There would only be a difference in the size of the game as mobile phones have smaller screens. However, the experience is the same as long as the internet connection is good. 

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Without any doubt, virtual reality would be the next big thing in the live casino industry. While this technology is not so popular in the industry yet, many developers are already working on incorporating it into their products. 

The idea is simple. You will only have to put on the VR gears to transport yourself into a ‘real’ casino environment. For example, when you put on the VR glasses, you would be able to see yourself in that brick and mortar venue, interacting and playing with other users like you. 

Some experts are also hoping to develop a complete VR casino platform where players can walk around from one table to another and see everything the casino has to offer. Although this technology still looks far away from reality, casino lovers can expect to get such experiences in a few years.


The online casino gaming industry continues to get interesting day after day as a result of innovations. Numerous games are being released regularly and more online casinos are springing up. Players can also enjoy easy and fast payment processing on responsive platforms. 

Artificial intelligence has also played its part in improving user experience. Players get to find games that suit their tastes easily. AI also helps casino sites to provide fast and customized support options to players. 

However, what we have now seems like just a taste of what’s coming. With casino developers aiming to improve players’ experience regularly, we can expect to enjoy more realistic and exciting gaming options in the future. 

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