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Legendary Beach Soccer Goalkeepers to Remember



In beach soccer jargon it is sometimes said that the goalkeeper is not half a team, but almost! Despite the exaggeration of proportions, it is certain that the statement will state the reality of the beach soccer game, where these “guardians” play a predominant role not only in the defensive process, but also in the definition of the attacking organization.By the way, don’t forget that you can always find out the most honest predictions on this football betting sites.

If, today, this influence is characterized by the predominance of the goalkeeper who goes out to play with his feet outside his defensive area, in the first two decades of the modality their role was no less relevant in the offensive plan, since that attacks often began with the launch of the keepers.

In fact, the success of the offensive actions was often dependent on the quality of the throw, but above all on the tactical vision of the goalkeeper, a key player in the chess of the sands for being the keeper not only of the goal but also of time: management of the time in the various moments of the game, in function of the interpretation of the needs of the team, was always one of the main competences of them.

The goalkeeper should be able to read the game and introduce speed changes at the right time to create imbalances and take advantage of the technical virtues of teammates.

In today’s article we are dedicated to remembering some goalkeepers who marked world beach football in this first phase of the sport, namely during the first decade of the 21st century. We thank the author Kate Richardson (see her profile here) who helped us with this article.

Pierre (Brazil)

Since Brazil is a country of spectacular beach soccer, which dominated the sport for years with its offensive firepower, perhaps the first names that occur to us when we think of great stars are not those of goalkeepers.

However, it is on the goal that one of the main weapons of the Canarinha team has always resided. If nowadays veteran Mão and Rafa Padilha play cards between the posts (and outside them), Paulo Sérgio and Robertinho also deserve to be remembered for the impulse they gave to Brazilian beach soccer. In the middle, another name stands out: Pierre.

He may be a little forgotten in the collective memory of fans of the sport, but it is an unforgettable name for those who lived the mythical clashes between Portugal and Brazil at the beginning of the century!

Truly elastic between the posts, boasting an undisturbed concentration and revealing quick reflexes, the keeper from Espirito Santo was a true wall in front of the Brazilian goal. With a discrete physique and posture, often without gloves, Pierre’s quality could go unnoticed until the moment when the game started, when he became a true monster of the sands!

Roberto (Spain)

If we combine “beach football”, “Spain” and “goalkeeper” in the same sentence, most people will probably think of Dona. However, those with the best memory will certainly remember Roberto Valeiro, an extraordinary pillar of the Spanish team that for more than 10 years played for his country, as one of the best keepers of their history in the sands.

Due to his high stature, Roberto stood out for the safety between the posts, for the speed of reaction and remarkable consistency, which was improved with the accumulation of experience.

A profound connoisseur of the sport and a skillful manager of the rhythms of the game, he was also an excellent builder of the game based on his impressive launches.

For several times the champion of the European League. Although without having managed to take his Spain to victory in a major world competition, Roberto will always be a symbol of beach football in his country and on the planet.

Diego (Uruguay)

Our last goalkeeper is a player that, together with Pampero, is synonymous with beach soccer in Uruguay: Diego Montserrat.

Fans of the sport will certainly not forget the serene determination in the eyes of the “bald” who defended Celeste’s networks with his life. While bravely resisting the opposing attacks against his goal, Diego managed the course of events with the experience of the lion waiting for the right moment to attack the prey.

A change of speed at just the right time was enough for Uruguay to move ahead of the marker when least expected. Once at a disadvantage, the opponents had to work hard to pass the ball through Diego, a Herculean task!

Despite being conditioned by Brazil’s presence in any continental competition, Diego de Uruguay won the Copa America in 2005 and the Latin Cup in 2011 (with a decisive defense by Diego to Benjamin’s penalty), on the only two occasions when the national team won in history.

But Diego was also the main face of several appearances of his country in the world top 4, including the world championships of 2006, 2007 and 2009. Diego’s defenses and tactical intelligence are also an inalienable heritage of the Latin beach soccer.

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