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Less than 1% of Subscribers are Playing Netflix Games




There’s no secret that the popularity of Netflix games has seen a steep fall in recent times. According to the report given by Stat Firm, less than 1% of the subscribers are playing Netflix games each day, which itself depicts the sharp downfall of the service.

A study by Apptopia, there have been nearly  23.3 million global downloads of Netflix’s mobile games but only an average of 1.7 million subscribers are engaging with the games daily.

The developers of this platform have created a revenue diversification strategy at a time when Netflix decided to step into the gaming industry bit since then, a streaming service has seen a huge exodus of subscribers. The statistics are hard to believe but absolutely true.

Around 200,000 subscribers have withdrawn their subscriptions in the first quarter and nearly a million in the second quarter. Owing to this, the gaming part of the service automatically goes down, leading to a severe downfall.

However, makers are expecting that gaming will be on the back burner for a while and it will gain pace in the coming future. The same study by Apptopia confirmed that players do not see Netflix as even remotely appealing for games as compared to another traditional mobile, PC, and console gaming platforms, which is why they don’t prefer playing Netflix games at all.

On the contrary, Netflix analytics completely denies the study from Apptopia by claiming that Netflix will come up with a strong gaming portfolio and will definitely entice gamers toward this streaming platform.

The research director at Parks Associates, claims that the study from Apptopia isn’t a matter of concern for Netflix as it continues to be vigilant and observant of consumer response, and thus knows how to make a comeback.

He also said that the company is playing for a long when it comes to being a provider of entertainment, and it automatically learns its subscriber base’s habits as it progresses.

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