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Licoreria Cerca De Mi: Where and How to Find the Best Locations to Enjoy Your Favourite Drink



Licoreria Cerca De Mi

Hey Readers! Are you looking for the best Liquor Store near you? Then you have arrived at the most appropriate place. Licoreria Cerca De Mi is an American-style marketplace that provides a wide selection of liquors, wines, delicious foods, and other beverages. There is always a craze to explore new places to get your favorite drink. However, it is quite not easy to track the liquor shops in your town or Community.

If you are struggling to discover a new place to enjoy your favorite drink, then Licoreria Cerca De Mi is perfect. This location has strong ties with neighboring communities, support for local non-profit organizations, affordable prices for unique products, and more.

Today in this guide, we will explain What exactly Licoreria Cerca De Mi is and how you can find the perfect location to enjoy your favorite drink with your buddies. So keep reading the post till the end:

What is Licoreria Cerca De Mi?

Licoreria Cerca De Mi is a Mexican-based Liquor store that provides a variety of wines, liquors, and foods to consumers. This bar has various beers, wines, spirits, and liqueurs from different countries and regions. Whether you want to have some Cocktails or enjoy your favorite beer, this liquor shop has something for everyone.

Besides the variety of beverages, the welcoming atmosphere, live music, dance performances, and delicious cuisine will definitely make it an amazing place for you to spend hours there. All the liquors are of high quality and available to customers at comparatively affordable prices. All the staff members are erudite that will assist you in finding the best liquor for you.

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The best thing about Licoreria Cerca De Mi is that they run an online store where customers can select their favorite beverage and deliver it directly to their door.

Features of Licoreria Cerca De Mi

1)Multiple Payment options

This is an amazing liquor shop that offers different payment methods to its consumers. People can pay the bill by cash, credit and debit cards, or PayPal. This marketplace also allows Contactless payments (pay using Smart Wallets and Wearables) and Online Applications to pay their bill.

2) Gift Cards

If your bestie prefers to drink all the time, then Alcohols and Wines are the best gifts for him.  This liquor shop provides Gift Cards that you can present to your friend on his birthday to make his day memorable.

3) Knowledful and Supportive Staff

The Staff is very supportive that is always ready to answer all your queries and assist in finding the perfect drink according to your taste.

4) Drinks are available at Affordable prices

In spite of its prime location, it is the most inexpensive bar in Los Angeles that provides good drinks and high-quality food at the most affordable prices.

Activities Available at Licorceria Cerca De Mi

Licoreria Cerca De Mi is a wonderful place to spend quality time with your family and friends. This bar offers a variety of activities so that you never feel bored here. Besides a selection of Cocktails and beer, there is a lounge area where you can relax or challenge your friend in various board games. Besides this, there are live Performances from local bands and DJs every weekend. So overall, this could be a thrilling experience visiting this place.

Places where Licoreria Cerca De Mi is Available

  • New York City, New York
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Miami, Florida
  • Los Angeles, California
  • In the United States

How to get Licoreria in Los Angeles?

Suppose you are looking for a good liquor store in Los Angeles. In that case, Licorerias or Latin Supermarkets are the ideal places that provide a variety of alcoholic beverages and food comparatively at low prices. Occasionally this superstore used to organize “happy hours” where you can enjoy drinks and food while relaxing comfortably in a lounge bar. The bar’s atmosphere is so refreshing that is ideal for your evening. Presently, there are an estimated 40,000 licoreria in the United States, and more are to open in the near future.

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The opportunity of getting Licoreria Cerca in Chicago

The too much popularity of Alcohol and beverages in Chicago makes it the best thing from the business point of view. However, the process of getting a license is quite long. The simplest way is to apply for a license to sell alcohol in your restaurant, grocery store, or other businesses. However, you can purchase the already open business and expand it.

Getting Licoreria in Houston

Houston is the most sophisticated city where you will find yourself surrounded by fashionable people that love to spend their evenings in a bar drinking a wide variety of alcohol, beverages, and wines. In Texas. There are three types of Alcohol sales licenses. These are paquetes, mixtas, and tiendas.

How to Find Licoreria Cerca De Mi Near me?

Follow these quick tips to find the best Liquor Shop near you.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the most suitable app for locating the best liquor shop near you. You can also check other users’ reviews and more. Recently, this application added a feature of Street View of 10 Cities in India. Here is how to use Google Maps to find the shop:


  • First of all, open the Google Maps Application.
  • Now turn on your device’s location.
  • Tap on the Search bar and type licoreria cerca de mi
  • All the liquor shops around you will appear.
  • Now you have a choice to either follow instructions to reach the shop. Alternatively, use the contact details to contact and ask for delivery to your doorsteps.
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2) Yelp

Yelp is a good platform if you are looking for a liquor shop near you. This website provides all the details of the nearest liquor shop, including ratings, reviews, types of Services, Prices, Contact details, and more. So anyone can easily access this website to locate the best liquor shop nearby.

3) Drinks&Co.

Drinks&Co. is a great platform that offers a wide selection of liqueurs from Carbonated drinks, wines, beers, whiskeys, and more. The website interface is very sleek and easy to use. Users can either purchase it from their physical shop or choose the option of home delivery.  The interface provides search filters that you can sort according to your need. Purchases from the site are very quick and safe.


Consumption of Alcohol is harmful to health. We do not endorse or recommend the consumption of any alcoholic beverages. We are writing the post just for information purposes. Even the liquor bottles contain a label with a warning- Be safe and don’t drink while driving.


How old are you to purchase drinks from Licoreria Cerca De Mi?

The Consumer needs to be 21 years old to purchase their favorite drinks from Licoreria Cerca De Mi.

List the name of some popular liquors.

  • Negroni.
  • Mojito.
  • Whiskey Sour
  • Mai Tai
  • Old Fashion

Final Words

That’s pretty much everything about Licoreria Cerca De Mi. It is an excellent place to spend your evening with friends and buddies happily. This platform provides a wide selection of delicious cocktails and beer. There is a lounge area where you can relax and challenge your friends in a game of pool or foosball. I hope you will find this post informative. If there is any query, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!! For more information, Stay Connected with us.

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