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Linkedin launches new platform features for marketers





  • LinkedIn launches new marketing features on the platform.
  • It’s also updating its direct messaging service with several new features like video chat.
  • These new additions to LinkedIn will provide marketers with deeper audience insights.

Professional networking platform LinkedIn on Wednesday announced the launch of features that will help marketers reach new users with content, amplify their brand presence, and drive business.

The platform said these features will also provide marketers with deeper audience insights, making it easier to track how their promotional campaigns are performing on the site.

LinkedIn New Features:

Reach/Frequency Forecasting and Reporting: With these new features, users can easily view the predicted reach and frequency for your Brand Awareness campaigns within the Forecasting Tool and measure their results in the Campaign Manager reporting.

LinkedIn has also launched the most awaited “Scheduled LinkedIn Live” and “LinkedIn Events” to work better for maximum reach and engagement. This will be delivered on the LinkedIn Live Events platform.

Brand Lift Testing: This new feature allows the users to measure the impact of LinkedIn Ads on their brand by taking a baseline of your brand’s perception and then testing the brand impact of those ads against key metrics.

Reach Optimization: This feature allows users to optimize toward the number of unique member accounts that are shown ads, easily increasing your brand’s exposure to new and relevant audiences.

Sachin Sharma, Director, Marketing Solutions for India said:

“As these dynamic times continue to change how we work, do business, and practice engagement, marketers today are exploring ways to build easier, more meaningful ways to connect with their audiences. At LinkedIn, we heavily inspire by the efforts of marketers who continue to build communities despite the many volatilities of today’s day and age”.

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“To facilitate their efforts, we’re adding new features to the LMS portfolio that can help them reach more of their targeted audiences, and grow their brand community more seamlessly — all while measuring impact in easier ways.”

In the coming months, the company said it will also enable an option to go live with Microsoft Teams.

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