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Little Nightmares Chapter 2 Walkthrough (Complete Guide)



Little Nightmares Chapter 2

Little Nightmares is a wonderful horror adventure game that receives an overwhelming response from the audience. This game consists of a total of five chapters. We have already discussed Chapter One of Little Nightmares. You can read the complete guide here. Today in this guide, we gonna discuss Little Nightmares Chapter 2 Complete Walkthrough.

After completing Chapter 1, The Lair is the second area that Six need to pass through. Compared to the previous Chapter, Chapter 2 is longer and less puzzle-oriented. In this chapter, you have multiple run-ins with Janitor. In this part, you need to be very fast on your feet to escape these enemies. All you need is to escape from your enemies, solve puzzles, and gather all the collectible items. Follow this guide quickly to finish the second Chapter of Little Nightmares.

Little Nightmares Chapter 2- The Lair Complete Walkthrough

You will be able to face three Nomes and two Statues in the second part. Here is the Little Nightmares Chapter 2 Walkthrough:

Remember the ending of Chapter 1, and You are standing on a wooden platform with a staircase. Follow the staircase; this will take you to the Office room. Climb a desk to lit the lantern. Now, pull the chair to trigger the switch on the floor. It will open the door to the next room. You will see a strange desk in the middle of the room. Run behind the desk. A Nome will enter the same room. However, it is difficult to spot him as it is very dark.

Follow the Nome until you reach the staircase. There you will find the Nome standing and waiting for you. Follow the Nome and hug it. Move to the next staircase until you reach the next door. Near the door, you will find a box. Climb it and go through the hole to reach a bedroom. Climb the toilet pot and jump onto the basin. Next, you need to jump on the cupboard. This may take several attempts. Climb up the cupboard and jump to the shelf. Lit the lighter to spot Statue on the Shelf.  Throw it from the shelf to break it.

Now, jump back to the cupboard. From there, jump on the piles of books on the desk. Jump down and grab the key. Now, pick up the key and move right through the doorway. Walk through the room and throw the key near the next door. Use this key to open the padlock on the door.

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Walking right into a trap

In the next room, you will find a monkey toy in the middle, pick it up and move to the right, where you will see a button. Toss the monkey so that it hits the button. This will open the elevator. Pick the monkey and wait till the elevator opens. The speed of Six slows down due to hunger. Quickly move to the next room. You will see a piece of meat in a cage. Go inside the Cage and eat it. Suddenly, an arm will shut down the cage, and you will be stuck into it, and the screen goes black.

When you wake up in the cage, you finally regain your Control. Next, you need to hit the cage. When you hit the cage every time on the left side, it will move closer to the edge. Keep hitting the cage until it fell off. In this way, you get rid of the cage.

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Escaping from the Janitor

Squeeze through the small gap in the hole. There you will see a lantern. Light it before leaving. Climb the cage so that you can hold the handle. Swing and jumping into the next room. Light the candle next to the bathtub. Walk through the hole into the next room and spot a Janitor. You need to quickly sneak by him. Keep in mind that Janitor is blind but has very good hearing. Move to the next room, but he will follow you.

At the end of the room, you will see a small hole. Go through it. Remember, do not touch anything, as he is still chasing you. When Janitor goes away, please pick up the handle on the floor and insert it into the mechanism on the wooden pillar. Hold the handle; this will open the door on the floor. The janitor will come back due to the noise. So you need to be very fast.

There is a tunnel with a suitcase. There you will find a lantern, lit it up. Now climb the ladder behind the suitcase. There you will see a Nome. Move towards the Nome and follow it. The Nome will move to the next room and stop it. Just go and hug him and jump into the hole behind it.

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Smashing the Statue

After going through the tunnel, you will find yourself in the suitcase. This room is filled with shoes. There is a hidden monster in the shoes that might kill you. Three are a total of four suitcases. Run behind the suitcases as fast as you can and exit the room.

The next room is very unpredictable. The Janitor is falling from the ceiling and chasing you. Go through the pipes in your way. Now, go into the elevator and to the room’s right side. Later the Janitor will enter the elevator and starts it. Wait until the Janitor leaves before entering the next room. Walk over to the box where the Monkey toy is; you will drop into the basement. Follow the basement until you reach the last room. At the farthest end of the room, there is a Statue. Break it into pieces.

Go back to the previous room and climb up the ladder. The Janitor is in the adjoining room. Pick up the Monkey toy and toss it as far as possible. The janitor will enter the room and sneak through the hole. Walk behind the dolls in the foreground. Be careful and do not knock on any toy. Climb the chest of drawers; suddenly, a pot will fall and alert Janitor. He will come back to the room and climb up.

Stealthing Past The Janitor

Follow the tunnel to reach the next room; there, you will see a creature. Walk on the carpet. Walk on the carpet to avoid any noise. When you push the door to open, it will fall along with the clock. Again due to noise, the Janitor will get alert and move to your location. Wait until the Janitor moves to the other side of the room.

Crawl and pick up one of his shoes. Please wait until the Clock rings, and then throw the shoes against the button, so it does not hear you. Quickly move to the next room.

Then you will enter a room filled with lots of books. Crawl under the desk, and the Nome will follow you. It will hide behind the stack of books. Go behind the books and try to hug them. Go back to the table and jump on it. Climb the bookcase beside you and light the candle before jumping across the Piano. When the Piano swings, climb it upwards. There you will see a Janitor. Wait until it moves away. Now climb the bookcase closest to you. Climb up on the shelf behind you and light the candle there.

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The Janitor will get an alert when you drop down due to building block noise. Cross two planks without touching anything. You will climb down to the ground from there. Once you reach the ground, climb up the piles of books on the wall and go through the hole at the top. Next, please pick up the handle on the ground and place it near the door. Switch the white knobs to turn the television on. Immediately run back to the entrance and pick up the handle. Wait for the Janitor to come in. When it comes, sneak out behind him.

Light the Lantern

Run underneath the bookcase, and you will find the Candle there. Quickly drop the handle and light the candle. Pick up the handle again and run back to the entrance. In the next room, you will land on the cart. Pull the cart until it reaches the end of the tracks. Climb on the cart and jump on the door handle.

Jump across the platform and follow the tunnel until you spot a lantern. Light the lantern. Slowly moves forward until it touches his hand. Once the Janitor touches the pipe and begins to move upwards on his hand. Move fast until you reach the next room. Run fast as the Janitor is still chasing you.

Climb up the cage and wait for Janitor to spread his arms. Use this opportunity and jump between his arms. In this way, you get the first pole from the cage. Repeat this process again and again. Once the second pole pulls it, the door will crush the Janitor’s arms and trap him there. Finally, Climb the cages again and go through the hole into the tunnel.

That’s the end of Little Nightmares Chapter 2 Walkthrough. Just follow this guide, and you can progress in the game easily. I hope you will find this walkthrough really interesting and informative.

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