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Little Nightmares Chapter 3 Walkthrough (Complete Guide)



Little Nightmares Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Little Nightmares is a wonderful Horror Adventure game that is very popular all around the world. This is a quite long game that is split into five chapters. The gameplay is very different and unique. In order to progress in the game, you need to get all the information prior before started playing the game. Today in this post we will go through the complete Walkthrough of Little Nightmares Chapter 3.

Chapter 3 of Little Nightmares is known as The Kitchen. Before moving to Little Nightmares Chapter 3 Walkthrough, it is important to know certain things. In this chapter, you are going to face a new type of enemy- a chef. It is one of the longest chapters of the game. You need to be very careful about it, otherwise, you will get into trouble. In this guide to Little Nightmares, we will help you to escape the kitchen chefs and collect hidden items such as Nomes, Statues, and keys. Chapter 3 of Little Nightmares contains 3 Nomes and 3 Statues that you need to find out. If you are a beginner, don’t forget to check our guide on:

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Little Nightmares Chapter 3- “The Kitchen” Walkthrough

At the end of Chapter 2, you were in a tunnel, continue moving until you find a ladder. Climb it up to reach the next room. There you will find that hooks are moving across the ceiling, try to grab one of the hooks. Hold it and move to the next room. When you try to climb down, you will fall on the heap of meat. Six will started feeling hungry. In the next room, you will find the rat in the trap, eat it.

Enter the Kitchen

Now, climb the laundry bins to reach the next room. Light the lighter, and you will be able to spot a small hole in the ground that you must go through. When you go through the hole, you will reach a secret room. There is a Geisha Statue waiting for you there.

Climb up the ladder and you will reach into the laundry room again. There is a cart near the door, push it across the room. Use it to climb the window and enter the kitchen. However, you need to be very quick while pushing the cart, otherwise, it will start rolling in the opposite direction.

After entering the kitchen you will have the chance to unlock Kitchen’s Hand Achievement. For this, you need to toss ingredients into the boiling pot of water. However, this section is completely optional. If you are not interested, you can skip this and move further.

Unlocking Kitchen hand Achievement

When you enter the kitchen, pick up one of the carrots lying on the floor and move. You will see a vent into the entrance of the next room. You need to go through the vent instead of the door, in order to escape from the chef. The chef is chopping the meat on the counter. Quickly sneak him past underneath the table. While passing through the vent, don’t knock the bottles. Otherwise, due to the noise, the chef will follow you to the next room.

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Run over the table. There is an open oven, hide underneath it. The chef is trying to find you, so stay hidden until he goes away. When the chef goes away, sneak towards the boiling pot of water at the back of the room. Hold the throw button and toss the carrot into the pot. After finishing this step, quickly run under the table. There you will find your second ingredient- Fish Head. Now, carefully look for the third ingredient behind the wine bottles. There you will find a piece of cheese.

Escaping from the Chef

Suddenly the chef will come and look for you under the table. Run fast and hide underneath the table next to the oven. When the chef moves in the opposite direction, quickly toss the ingredients in the pot and run and hide under the table. Wait for the chef to finish preparing the fish on the table. Sneak him toward the location of the cheese. Quickly grab the piece of cheese and toss it in the pot. Then run back and hide under the table.

When the Chef distracts, quickly runs towards the stairs. By this time, Chef will notice you. So be quick and make your way toward the white cupboard. Climb up the cupboard without making any noise. Otherwise, it will alert the chef about your location. Jump to the platform and follow the path until you reach the grated cages.

There you will spot a pot that you need to move in order to pass through it. A knocking sound will alert the chef but he will not be able to find you. Climb up the cage until you reach the vent. There is a washroom where you need to return to get collectibles. Sneak into the next room quietly as the second Chef is sleeping on one of the beds.

Hug the Nome

Move towards the heater, there you will find the key above you. Jump and hold the key. Swing it until it drops on the ground. Then immediately hide under a bed, as the noise will wake the chef. Once the Chef leaves, pick up the key and move to the hallway.

Drop the key at the bottom of the stairs and move back to the washroom. There is a Nome waiting for you in the corner of the room. Light the lighter to spot and hug him. Climb up the toilet pot and jump across the shelf. Three you will find a candle that you will light.

Go back to where you dropped the key and climb the staircase. Pull the lever so that you can enter the elevator. Wait until you reach the next floor. When the door opens, drop the key in the vent. After this, enter the next room where you will find another Nome. The nome is in the brown jar which is shaking. Try to grab the jar on the first try. When you succeed, toss the jar and it will break. Hug the Nome, however, the noise will alert the Chefs. Quickly hide underneath the shelf.

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Escape from the Chef

Sneak out behind him, grab the key and move to the vent. The second chef is also there, so be careful. You will reach the kitchen area again. Hide underneath the table, the chef will enter the room. When the Chef distracts, go through the vent into the larger kitchen area. The chef will follow you and hide underneath the table.

Quickly go up the stairs with the padlock on it. Use this key to open the door and enter the next room. Climb up onto the table and then onto the box to climb through the vent. Go underneath the table and light the lighter. You will spot the Nome there, and hug him.

Hock of Hams

Climb to the brown lift, this will take you to the freezer. Drag the piece of ham to the edge of the table and jump down. Now, drag the meat to the trap door where you will find another Hock of ham. Climb up the cupboard, jump and hold the closest hook. Swing back and hold the hock of Ham on the Second hook. The ham will fall on the ground. Drag it to the trap door where there are already two pieces available. Place these three Hock of Hams within the outline of the trap door.

On the right of the screen, there will be a vent, there you will find the lantern. Lit it up. Near the lantern, there is a Geisha Statue that you need to smash. Go back to the freezer room and climb up the lift. This will take you to the previous room. In the room there is a lever hanging from the ceiling, jump to pull the lever. The trap door will open and the three Hock of Hams drops into a machine. Turn the lever at the bottom, it will create three sausages. Jump and hold the sausages, and then enter the next room.

Evade the chef Again

After entering the freezer room, pull the lever of the elevator and hide in the wooden crates. The Chef will arrive from the elevator and enter the room where you are hiding. As he walks to the opposite end of the room, runs for the Elevator. However, the chef will chase you.

The Elevator will take you one floor down. When the door opens, immediately run towards the vent and hide in. The Chef will arrive and look for you. Wait for the chef to open the door. When he opens the door, climb out of the vent and follow him. Climb the barrels and jump to the shelf, there you will find a candle. Lit it up.

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Climb down to the ground. This will alert the chef. Hide underneath the cover of the table until Chef is looking for you. When he walks away, move to the next room and push the button of the meat grinder. Again, the noise will alert the chef, so quickly run towards the vent. Run and climb the table in the previous room to grab the key.

Smashing the Geisha Statue

Use Elevator to move to the next floor. Use this key to unlock the padlock of the door. Remember, the chef is still chasing you. When the door opens, hide in the metal laundry bin. Stay hidden until he exits the room. Now, climb onto the bin and jump towards the shaft door to open it. It will drop you into a room filled with garbage. In the foreground of the room, you will find a Geisha statue, smash it.

Climb up the ladder and go through the vent until you reach the table where two chefs are washing dishes. Find the opportunity and run to the next room and hide underneath the table. The Chef will enter the room, look for you, and then leave. Now climb up the table to pull the lever. This will activate the hooks attached to the ceiling. The Chef will rush back due to the noise. Jump down and crawl underneath the table.

When the chef leaves, sneak to the floor behind him and hide underneath the table until the second chef is preoccupied. Now run towards the table where chefs were doing dishes. Jump onto the table and hide behind the plates so that Chef doesn’t see you. Climb the plate and grab the first hook. The hooks will take you to the room with a lever. There you will find one chef and two laundry bins filled with plates.

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Ending of Little Nightmares Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Drop it in the second bin and then on the ground. One of the chefs will chase you. Both the Chefs are now trying to pursue you. Climb up the wooden box until you reach the top of the laundry bin, and jump and hold the hooks. The hooks will take you to an opening in the wall. Drop onto a metal pipe before the opening. This will be the end of Chapter 3.

Well, that’s all about Little Nightmares Chapter 3 Walkthrough. By the end of this chapter you have collected 95 percent of your lanterns. I hope this guide proves to be very helpful for you.

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