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Little Nightmares Chapter 4 Walkthrough (Complete guide)



Little Nightmares Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Little Nightmares is a wonderful Horror Indie adventurous game that is developed by Tarsier Studios. It is a game of anticipation where you meet lots of mysterious creatures. Looking around where to go next, grabbing all the collectible items, and escaping from the enemies is the main motive of the character. In order to progress in the game, the players need guidance. That’s why today we came with Little Nightmares Chapter 4 Walkthrough.

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This little Nightmares Chapter 4 walkthrough guide will lead you to every step from the beginning of the title to the final credits. You can easily locate collectible locations and escape from your enemies by just following this guide.

The title of Little Nightmares Chapter 4 is “The Guest Area”. As the name suggests, you gonna meet lots of guests in this section that will try to grab and kill you. In this Chapter, you need to be very fast on your foot and make your way through the Guest Area without being captured or eaten. Speed and timing really matter in this part. You will face lots of chase scenes, so you need to be very fast in order to finish this chapter. Due to fast pace nature, this chapter is shorter as compared to the others. Just follow our Little Nightmares Chapter 4 Walkthrough guide to beat the puzzles, and grab all the Collectible items easily.

Little Nightmares Chapter 4 “The Guest Area” Walkthrough

Before jumping to the Walkthrough, it is important to know that there are 4 Nomes, and 2 Statues in this section.

Chapter 3 ends when you drop onto a metal pipe. Now light your lighter and go through a small doorway. In that room, you will be able to spot a Nome as well as a lantern. Hug the Nome and light the lantern. Now climb up a wooden box and go back through the small doorway. The pipe will start shaking. Quickly, reach the ladder and climb up. Be careful while climbing. It is suggested to hold the R2 trigger. Otherwise, your character will fall and die.

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Keep Running

When you climb through the hole, just wait until you see your character clearly. Now, you reach the outside of the ship. Three you will see a chain in front of you. Jump and hold the chain to reach the top. Now, just follow the pipe to reach through the vent. Passing through the pipe is quite risky, so try to stay steady.

You will drop into a hole. At the bottom, there is a plank that is blocking your way to the tunnel. Pull it off.  Then you will reach another pipe. Again, walk carefully without falling. You will reach a wooden platform that leads to an area where rows of guests are entering. Climb up the wall until you reach the small opening.

Move to your right, there is a small hole that is quite difficult to spot. Go through the hole and you end up in a Canopy. Jump across each of the lanterns hanging from the ceiling until you reach the other side. There is a gap in the door through which you can pass through. You will enter the next room where you will find a man eating alone at the table. While squeezing through the gap, you knock over the bottle. This will alert the man and start chasing you. Keep Sprinting toward the end of the next room. Climb until you reach the table with a tall stack of plates.

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Hug the Nome

There you will find two guests eating at a table. Climb the pile of plates. When you reach the top, jump and grab the hook attached to the lantern. Swing back to gain momentum and then jump towards the hole of the next room. When you reach the ground, move to the room on your right. There you will see a Nome. The Nome will run behind a stool. Pull the stool towards you, you will see an opening in the wall. Go through the wall, and hug the Nome. There you will find a Lantern, lit it.

Go back through the hole and climb the stool which is closest to the table where the guests are eating. One of the guests will try to grab you. Jump fast to avoid being grabbed. Your timing really matters here. Make multiple attempts to reach the end of the table. Now, climb on the box and jump towards the gap. Climb up the wall by holding the right trigger.

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Now, jump across a gap onto a swinging tray. Run towards the small stool near the gate. Climb the stool and jump over the gate. The guests at the table will start chasing you. Run fast towards the next room. Jump and hold onto the lantern to escape the horde chasing you. Once he moves, climb down and move into the next room. The guests at the table are chasing you. Quickly run underneath the shelf and climb on the boxes.

Run up the platform and jump and hold onto the lantern to swing across and escape the horde chasing you. Quickly run onto his back. Run as fast as you can as the guest is chasing you.

Run with an Old Friend

Make your way through the hole. The Elevator is bringing one of the chef up. Don’t forget to hide, otherwise, he will catch you. Go down the hallway and enter a room. There will be a small opening on the wall. Crawl into the hole and hide there. The chef will enter the room, search for you, and then leaves. When the chef leaves the room, he slams the door, and a roll of toilet paper and tin will fall. Pick up the roll and move closer to the mirror.

Through this tin on the mirror and it will shatter into pieces. Then climb up the gate behind the chair until you reach the top. Now, run through the gate and carefully follow the pipe to the hole. Slow down as the Camera angle is changing, which can lead to your Character’s death. Just follow the pipe, and you will see a Geisha Statue on the table below you. Climb down and smash the statue.

Escaping from the Hungry Hordes

Move into the Elevator. It will take you to the next floor. Run left and pass through the small opening of the door. There you will see the guests sleeping. Use the lighter and enter the room. There you will find the Mome waiting for you in front of the bucket on the floor. Go back and run across the hallway. The guests will chase you, try to jump the last door. The guests will enter the next room. Run under the table.

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Jump into the foyer and then quickly turn and run forward. Run down the hallway. The horde will try to fall the furniture over you. Quickly jump onto the cupboard in front of you. From the cupboard, jump on the stool to climb up the table. Keep sprinting on the table to avoid being grabbed by the hands. From the end of the table jump and grab the lantern dangling off onto the side. This will help you to swing safely to the other side.

You will find another lantern in the corner of the room. Grab it if you missed any previous Lantern. Move through the gap into the next room. Now, you started feeling hunger pangs shortly. Move to the next room. There you will find a Nome waiting for you with Sausage. Walk over to the Nome to eat it, instead of Sausage. Congratulations! You finally succeed in grabbing all the Nomes. This will unlock the Little Lost Things achievement.

Smashing the Statue

Climb the boxes to go through the hole. Finally, you will drop into a tunnel. Use your lighter and walk until you reach the ladder. Climb the ladder to go through the vent. Go to your left, you will a Geisha Statue there. Smash the Statue and go right. Near the shelf, you will find a can, pick it up and move towards the Elevator. Throw the can on the button of the Elevator and wait for it to open.

That’s the end of Little Nightmares Chapter 4 Walkthrough. By the end of this chapter, you got succeeded in Unlocking Little Lost Things Achievement. I hope you will find this guide really helpful and informative. Do appreciate us by sharing the post with your friends.

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