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Little Nightmares Chapter 5 Walkthrough (Complete Guide)



Little Nightmares Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Little Nightmares is a wonderful Horror Indie game that millions of players around the world love to play. The game is published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and is available on various platforms to play. The gameplay is quite long. For convenience, it is split into 5 Chapters. Today in this guide, we will go through Little Nightmares Chapter 5 Walkthrough.

By this time you must be happy to hear that you are very close to beating Little Nightmares. In this final chapter you will explore the Geisha’s room and face off a battle with her.

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This is the final Chapter of Little Nightmares. This Chapter is more plot focused as the story of Six ends. Chapter 5 is very short and relatively easy to progress. It would help if you solved lots of puzzles during this section. You have arrived at this chapter, which means you successfully progressed through all the previous chapters. Now, you are just 10 to 15 minutes away from the final gameplay of Little Nightmares. Just follow our guide on Little Nightmares Chapter 5 Walkthrough to know how to kill the evil Geisha Lady.

Little Nightmares Chapter 5 The Lady’s Quarters Walkthrough

Smashing the last Geisha Statue

When the elevator opens, run. It the right of your way, you will find a doorway. It will lead you to Staircase. Ascend the staircase until you reach the top floor. On the left of your screen, there is a doorway. Go through it. When you enter the room, keep holding the left trigger as there is a Geisha Statue that you need to sneak into.  Be careful, as you need to stay away from the mirror, and Geisha Statue at the same time.

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Sneak into the next room. There you will walk freely. Move to the left side of the room. Climb up the bedside table and push the vase off. The Vase will smash into pieces. Look for a key in the broken pieces and pick it up. Then move to the previous room.

In the room, you will be able to spot your final Geisha Statue. Throw the key, and climb the chair to break the statue. By breaking the last Geisha Statue, you will unlock the Little Rascals’ achievement. Again pick up the key and move down the stairs. You will see a door with a padlock. Use this key to open the door and start Scuttling to the right as the Geisha is chasing you.

Chasing with the Geisha

Run until you see a dresser then slide underneath it. Geisha is still chasing you. Run towards the Camera, turn left and go up the staircase. It will take you to the room filled with Geisha shaped Mannequins. Run to the right of the room and pull the bottom plank off. This will lead you to the next room. There you will find a chest of drawers with a mirror on the top. Climb up the drawers to grab the mirror.

Climb down and go back to the previous room.  There you will find Geisha standing in the middle of the room. Run towards her with the mirror in your hand. When you run towards her, the light started dimming. When the light completely goes off, the Geisha will disappear. Turn and move to the left of your screen.

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Stay within the circle of light and look around. The Geisha will try to attack you. Point the mirror at her. There will be a small blast that will knock down both of you. This blast will disorient your character. However, pick up the mirror again as soon as possible. Run to the right of your screen and repeat the same process.

This Geisha is scarier and attacks on you

Try to remain in the light and point the mirror at Geisha. Geisha will try to attack you multiple times. However, you will notice that the window between her attacks becomes smaller each time. Your reaction time matters here. Pick up the mirror and run to the middle of the room. Move to the place where you first saw Geisha. Keep your eye on the shadow as Geisha will pass through it before attacking you.

Pick up the mirror and run towards the Camera. Try to stay in the light. Geisha will pass to you three or four times before attacking you. Hold the mirror tightly and stay in a circle. Geisha will attack you two more times. During the last time, the mirror will shatter due to the blast and was left in complete darkness. After a few seconds, your character will regain its control and could get enough light that you can see Geisha lying on the ground.

Suddenly the Six will start feeling hungry. Quickly reach towards Geisha. When you reach closer to Geisha, she will grab you and begins eating you. After a few seconds of it, Six will be seen absorbing the black Aura around her. Suddenly the screen will turn black and present you with a new scene.

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Ending of the game Little Nightmares

In the next scene, you will find yourself standing in front of the metal doors. As the door opens and you go through the Guest Area, your life will be stuck with all the guests as they will collapse around you. Stay in the middle of the aisle to avoid being knockdown. Keep walking and go through the second metal door. Climb the stairs. The Nomes will gather at the bottom of the staircase waiting for you. The game will finally end here. That’s all the main story of the game.

If you are an excellent player and able to finish the game within an hour without death. Then you will be able to unlock Hard to Core Achievement. If you pass through intense Chase Scenes without getting caught, then you will be able to unlock the Secret achievement Elusive.

Final Words

That’s all about the Little Nightmares Chapter 5 Walkthrough guide. It is beyond doubt that the gameplay of Little Nightmares is super engaging and interesting. To progress in the game without being caught, you need to follow our walkthrough guide. I hope this guide proves to be helpful for you. Keep sharing the post with near and dear ones.

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