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Little Nightmares Walkthrough (Complete Guide)



little nightmares walkthrough

Hey, gamers! Love to play games online? Looking for an adventurous and thrilling game, Then, Little Nightmares is a perfect choice. Little Nightmares has been one of the most popular Horror adventure games to play recently. The game is all about Looking for the things around and spotting where to go next. Struggling with how to play this game, then you just need to go through our guide on Little Nightmares Walkthrough.

Little Nightmares includes lots of collectible items such as Mushrooms like Nomes to hug, Statues to smash, and Flotsam bottles to uncork. However, locating these collectibles items is really a tricky task.

Do you really want to make your game better than your opponents? How to download and install the game to your device. What are the essential things to make your game strong? You will get to know how to light lanterns, how to reach the doorknob, how to deal with the first monster, and more. Moreover, we really gonna share some professional tips and strategies that will really enhance your gaming. So remain stick with the post till the end.

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Little Nightmares- A Quick Overview

Little Nightmares is a horror Indie game from Tarsier Studios. This game was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment on April 28, 2017, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is a suspense adventure game in which you play the role of Six- A little hungry girl who must escape the Maw, an iron vessel inhabited by monstrous, twisted beings. In the middle of the game, the players really feel helpless as they lack combat abilities. They completely depend on the environment to hide from their enemies.

Little Nightmares- Chapter 1- The Prison

The first Chapter of the game is known as The Prison. At the start of the game, you only get to know how to adjust the Controls. Fortunately, you won’t face any terrible enemies in the first level of the game. You will face very few enemies that will only attack you when you come closer and it is damn easy to avoid them.

At the Prison level, there are 3 Nomes, and 2 Statues. As the game starts in a dark room, you need to equip your lighter with B. The next thing you need to do is ignite the lantern. The lantern will automatically light when standing beside it with the lighter on. The lanterns double to save your progress. So it is really important to lighten up the lantern. After lighting the lantern you need to proceed through the vent. Press LT to crouch and start crawling through the hatch and continue to move right until you reached the next room.

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Unlock Sprung

On your way, you’ll see a large staircase that you will need to climb. When you move forward, you will spot a statue. Hold it by R2, move back to the stairs and drop it into the depths by pressing A. You will be able to hear the smashing of statues into bits. Smashing up the statue will give you Rascal Achievement. Keep crawling forward until you reach a room. Jump onto the suitcase and bed. Jump again to hold the edge of the shaft. If you achieve to jump long from the bed before going through the hole, it will unlock the Highly Sprung achievement.

In the next room, push the chair, climb into it and jump to open the door. In the next room, pull the refrigerator door to reveal a makeshift ladder. Behind the refrigerator, you will find a Nome running out. Follow it through the hall in the wall. In a small gap, you will find another lantern and Nome standing there. The next task is to light the lantern and grab the Nome.

Move back to Refrigerator, climb up and move ahead until you reach the next room. While climbing up you need to be really careful about the black slugs falling from the ceiling, if those slugs touch you, they will kill your character in the game.

Turning off the Electricity

In the next room, you will find the lever, pull it to continue to the next walkway. When you enter the next room, you will find the door boarded up. Grab the plank and pull it up. In the next room, you will fall through the floor into a dark room. Light up the lighter, this room is full of slugs. These slugs will try to attack you, run as fast as you can to get the door.

On your way, you will find the lantern. Light it up and climb to the stairs that are next to it. You will find a Nome, follow it and go up the stairs. There is another staircase on the other side, jump across and go up the staircase.

Finally, you reach the platform where you will find a lever. You must turn on the lever and jump. This will open the door to the next room. You need to run and jump across very fast as the door is about to close when you don’t reach on time.

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Be Careful from Motion Detecting room

In the next room, you will find a white rope. Climb it up to get the first glimpse of the Janitor. Wait until the Janitor disappears. When it disappears climb up the rope to reach the next room. In the corner of the room, you will find the lantern, don’t forget to light it up.

Enter into the next room and close the door. Next, to the door, there is a Switch. The opposite the door, there is an electrical gate. Drag the Toilet paper case over the switch. jump and drag the switch to pull it down. This will shut off the Electricity completely.

As the light goes, a timer will start. You will get a little time to sprint through two gates. If you fail to pass the two gates in time, you will be stuck in the conjoining toy room. Continue walking until you find a Motion detecting light in a room. But be careful, if the light caught you, it will kill your Character. You need to cross this room by hiding behind the objects.

On the other side of the room, on the top of the cages, you will find a lantern. Climb up the cages and lit up the lantern. Further, climb up across the cages and move right. You will see a Nome, follow it into a tunnel. In the next room, you will find a lantern as well as the Nome.

Smashing the Second Geisha Statue

Go back to the way you arrive and climb across the cages. Now, climb up onto the wooden platform. Move to your left until you find the open door with your second Geisha statue in the corner. Break this Statue and enter the next room.

Next you will enter a dark room filled with babies. Turn off your lighter and hide in a crib. Then a Janitor will enter your room, wait until it moves. Enter the next room and climb up the cages and follow the bookshelves to find a hole in the wall. You will now drop into the next room. Your character is feeling hungry now. It will slow down your character. You need to feed the character otherwise it will die.

In the back of the room, there is food for you. A boy in the background will get up and come to the bars. He will throw a piece of bread. Grab it and the character will eat it.

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After eating up the bread, climb the cases and slip through the gap in the metal bars. You will enter the room where the noose is hanging on the ceiling.  Continue walking until you reach the large room filled with cages.

Walk along the platform to the cage close to the electric gate and climb it. Move back, climb the cage, and reached the top. Here you will find another lantern, light it. Climb the chain to reach the next platform. Jump to the platform and climb up until you reach the lever. At the back of the room, there is a switch. oulled it to bring swinging cage. Pull the lever to bring the cage closer. Ride the cage and wait for until it stop moving.

Ending of Chapter 1…..

Now, jumps to the next platform. In the next roomm you will see another switch. Pull the bottom one down completely. Now, Pull the second drawer out halfway. Pull the switch down to turn the Electricity off. Go to the left and turn on the lantern in the corner of the room. Open the cage and Nome will run out. Follow the nome into the room and hug it.

Go back to the gate and push the box with the rope. The Noose will come up. Jump and grab it, and hold it until you reach the bottom. You need to go through the Shower area, it will shower slugs from the ceiling. Move carefully through the gate.

Next, you walk into another motion-detecting light puzzle. Avoid this light by moving behind the Obstacles. You will reach the platform with cages scattered all around. You will need to cross the platform quickly as it is gonna split into two. Jump on the smaller cage before jumping to the bigger one.

In the next room you will see two nomes, follow them to escape the prison and that’s the end of Chapter 1.


  • To unlock the Light Up Your Life achievement, you need to collect 20 lanterns throughout the game.
  • Grab all the 13 Nomes throughout the game to unlock the Little Lost Things achievement

That’s just one part of the game. I hope you will find this guideline really helpful

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