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The eCommerce industry has taken a boom during pandemic, which has even a great impact on people’s behavioral habits. Online purchasing has increased more than ever, and we could see 67% of the consumers have shifted their way of shopping due to the COVID. Bringing shopping to eCommerce has brought varied payment solutions based on the payment solution.

To understand its solutions, it is significant to understand the basics:

Online Payment Solution

Paying electronically for goods and services is known as online payment or e-payment. Payment details are authenticated through payment gateway or payment Solutions systems which, after approval, transfer the amount from the customer’s account to the seller’s account.

When a customer visits an eCommerce platform, or an online store, After finalizing the cart, he/she proceeds to pay thanks to an implemented payment solution. This payment solution comprises various operations from finance while using the devices such as computers and smartphones etc.

The payment system validates bank transfers that can be done by using credit or debit cards. One of the niche payment methods that is used these days is debit or credit cards. Once the payment is done, the Payment solution then validates it after processing and authorizing the customer’s card information.

Once this process completes, then the transaction is completed. Without placing a proper payment solution in place, businesses can not receive any payments through electronic means.

Online Payment Solution Uses

Integrating a payment solution is an integral part of a payment solution specifically at the checkout. It is important as it summarizes an overall experience of a customer experience. A good payment solution system must be quick, reliable, and secure for people to use. It should enable local as well as international payment acceptance easily while supporting various currencies that aid in speeding up the process.

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Further to this, there are many other reasons which enforce businesses to adopt a phone payment solution such as instant money transfers, quick and easy way of making payments by customers as well as support for maintaining databases. Online payment ensures the availability of a 24/7 service of receiving online payments, which minimizes fraud activities as well.

Cut to the point, Given underneath are the best payment solution providers rated as the best in 2022.

1. Stripe

It is considered as one of the most flexible payment processors that is available to the audience. It works better with Small to Medium Enterprises.

2. Apple Pay

One of the most impeccable payment systems available that can instantly pay through Apple Wallet. Apple Pay through touch or fingerprint and Apple Watches has made it even more accessible to its users.

3. PayPal

PayPal is a widely used online payment solution as it doesn’t store any credit card information for its users, which makes it a preferred choice.

4. Square

Started off to be used in games for the first time to swipe off the credit card while attaching it to the phones. It can be paired with the app to process online transactions. This technology has been improvised with fully inclusive software that makes it a secure payment solution.


Well-integrated online payment solution helps both the merchant and the consumer to make the payment process seamless and easy. Therefore, it is very crucial to implement the right system for your estore.


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