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Easy Guide to Make React Roles With Yagpdb Reaction Roles in 2023



yagpdb reaction roles

Are you wondering how to create Yagpdb Reaction Roles? Unsure about where to start? Well, then, you’ve landed at the rightmost place. This guide entails all essential details about reaction roles, YAGPDB, and the steps to carry out the process.

With more than 150 million users worldwide, Discord has carved a niche as the most popular chat app for gamers. Since its release, gamers have been using this platform to connect with their counterparts. While plenty of features make Discord stand out, Reaction Roles is something you cannot afford to miss.

This feature allows users to obtain a role by tapping a reaction. Interesting, isn’t it?  However, you must need an additional bot to set this functionality and make the most out of it. That’s where YAGPDB comes into the role.

So, wait no further and continue scrolling to set up reaction roles with YAGPDB in a few simple clicks.

What are react roles?

Before we tap into the easy guide on making Yagpdb Reaction Roles, learning the concept from scratch is good. React Roles or Reaction Roles is a promising functionality of Discord that allows gamers to relinquish a role by clicking a reaction. Like other paid Discord services, like Discord Nitro, it is also introduced to add a thrill to the overall chatting experience at a fraction of the cost.

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In addition, gamers can use React Roles functionality to change the color based on the message sender’s role. You can also go a step further by specifying the permissions of each role. Gamers can create these roles to assign certain permissions, add color to usernames, change fonts, etc.

If you have recently stepped into the Discover landscape, let us explain that gamers require an additional bot to set up the React Roles functionality. You must add a bot to your Discord server and create Reaction Roles accordingly.

That’s where the concept of Yagpdb Reaction Roles comes into the picture. YAGPDB is one of the leading general-purpose bots to execute this feature with a swipe of your fingertips. Wish to dig more? Continue scrolling the page and learn how to use this bot to set up React Roles in no time.

How to create yagpdb reaction roles?

Now that you know this post’s basic concept, let’s move on to creating the Reaction Roles with yagpdb. Like all other Discord bots on the internet, YAGPDB is one of the easiest options to add to your collection. It doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy to use.

So, are you ready to use this Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot (YAGPDB) to create your desired Reaction Roles? Here, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to carry out the process. DO NOT ditch instructions, and avoid being stuck in nowhere.

Here’s how to do it. 

1. Add YAGPDB to your discord server.

  • Let’s begin with the obvious step of adding bots to the Discord server.
  • To do so, invite the bot by visiting its official website. You can easily find the “Add to Server” option in the menu bar on the home page.
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2. Log into the YAGPDB website

  • Once you invite the bot to the server, you will have to log into the official site and proceed to create Yagpdb Reaction Roles.
  • To initiate the login process, tap on the Dashboard and enter your Discord account credentials to access the control panel of the bot.

3. Navigate the YAGPDB reaction roles commands tab

  • As soon as you log into the YAGPDB official website, it’s time to open the Role Commands section.
  • For this, go to the top-right corner and select the server you want to edit.
  • After that, extend “Tools & Utilities” on the left pane and pick the Role Commands option.
  • Start creating a role group and add role commands to it. Each of the commands will give the user a separate role. Hence, you should create one reaction for the command.

4. Add the menu to your discord for using yagpdb reaction roles

  • Finally, you must add the menu to your Discord server. It is suggested to add it to an info channel where it will remain visible.
  • You can add this menu to your Discord server in two plausible ways. You can either let this bot create a menu or use custom messages and insert a reaction menu to the same. Pick the one that you find easy and relatable.

The key features of YAGPDB bot

Why should you opt for Yagpdb and ditch all other widely used bot options? Well, you’ll be glad this general-purpose discord bot offers plenty. It is an advanced configurable discord bot providing useful features for effective server management.

Here’s a quick rundown of the YAGPDB’s key features. Check them out and see if this option is worth choosing.

  • It offers an advanced self-assignable role, where you can give yourself a role with a command or a role menu.
  • This bot has a configurable auto-moderator.
  • It lets you create custom commands for dynamic response.
  • This bot includes over 250 different cat facts.
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Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Is it possible to create a custom command in YAGPDB?

Ans. Yes. You can create a custom command in YAGPDB by visiting the Control Panel and selecting the desired server. Tap on the Commands > Custom Commands, and add whatever command you like.

Q. Why should I use YAGPDB?

Ans. There are plenty of reasons that make YAGDPB worth trying, such as

  • It is easy to set up and use.
  • The premium version won’t cost you a fortune.
  • It allows members to adjust their experience based on their requirements.
  • This bot has many unique features, satisfying its name, “general-purpose discord bot.”

Final takeaway

That’s all about creating Yagpdb Reaction Roles. The process isn’t of creating React Roles using this Yet Another General-Purpose Discord Bot isn’t challenging, but you should follow the correct steps to avoid the hassle. Moreover, this general-purpose bot can prove useful for several other features, including cat facts and auto-moderator, thus expanding its roles and responsibilities.

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