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Maximizing Your Smartphone for Sports Enjoyment



Smartphones are incredibly versatile devices that can be utilized to bring benefits to any conceivable interest or area of life one can imagine, and sports is no exception. There are so many ways that your smartphone can be optimized in order to enhance the life of a hardcore sports fan.

From offering fun games to play in the off-season, to joining in with the global community as your team leads the charge. Below we’re looking at three key ways that your smartphone can maximize your sporting fandom.

Become Part of Something Bigger

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with our friends and loved ones, and it’s also a great source of diverting entertainment. But when a sporting event is taking place, platforms like Twitter become something altogether different, exciting and engaging. This is because they enable you to join in with others commenting on and cheering for their team in a vast digital environment.

What makes this so compelling is that often you’ll see leading journalists and industry experts joining the fray and participating in the conversation on a level with regular users. What’s more, when it comes to major sporting events, such as the upcoming FIFA World Cup, it opens up the possibility to connect with millions of people tuning in to watch games from around the world.

While nothing compares to the exhilaration and sense of connection that attending a live sports event in-person offers, platforms such as Twitter serve up a great substitute. It can turn your solo-viewing session at home into a participatory event, and make you feel involved in the broader community of sports fans coming together to enjoy the game or event you’re watching.

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Survey Insider Information

The internet offers sports fans an incredible wealth of information about your favorite sporting events and games, with near instantaneous access. The amount of data captured by sporting organizations and broadcasters nowadays also means you get to benefit from the kind of insider information once reserved for the likes of pundits, journalists and coaches.

Many subscription-based sports apps deliver incredible real-time data to your phone. For example, F1 TV, the official app of the Formula One World Championship, provides users with real-time telemetry and data recorded live from within the competing cars. This enables you to see details such as gear-changes, speed and throttle percentage, as well as more over-arching data-sets such as tire degradation. Having this kind of information easily to hand totally transforms the viewing experience.

Elsewhere, online comparison platforms such as OddsChecker collate the spread of odds on a huge number of sporting events, giving you a broad view on who the favorites are heading into a game or event based on an industry-wide consensus. What’s more, such platforms often serve up offers on free bets from leading providers such as DraftKings Sportsbook, making the process of backing your side straightforward and frictionless.

Get Your Head in the Game

As smartphones grow more powerful and capable, they are becoming increasingly appealing gaming platforms for committed and casual gamers alike. Fortunately for sports fans, there are many top-tier mobile games out there to play, many of them free-of-charge.

Industry leading game franchises, from Madden NFL to NBA2K, have mobile versions just waiting for you to dive in and engage with. The off-season can be a boring time for sporting die-hards, and excellent sports games like these are one of the best possible ways to kill time before things start up again.

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Furthermore, if you were dissatisfied with a real-world result, sports games give you the opportunity to have it your way, by building a winning team and leading a successful campaign to the cup.

There are even some comprehensive sports management games, such as Football Manager 22 Mobile, which give you the ability to direct and lead a team in granular detail, promising hours of fun. No wonder it’s still giving FIFA a run for its money.

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