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Melanie Olmstead: Who Was She and What Was the Cause Behind Her Death



Who was Melanie Olmstead

Are you someone who loves Youngstone that airs on Paramount Network? And while watching Youngstone latest season, you got confused as the title card was made as a tribute to Melanie Olmstead, and you started thinking about her – As who Melanie Olmstead is and how she died? Right? Then this post truly fits you. As we have answered all your questions here.

If the questions like How Melanie Olmstead died then you are an avid lover of the show indeed. In case this question keeps boggling your minds then just go through this post as we have prepared a quick rundown to answer all your questions.

let us first know who Melanie Olmstead is.

Who was Melanie Olmstead?

Full Name Melanie Olmstead
Nickname Melanie
Date of Birth November 15, 1968
Birthplace Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.
Age 51 Year
Death May 25, 2019, Salt Lake City, Utah
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Profession Crew Member
Parents Janet Corbridge, Reid Howard
Marital Status married
Spouse Annalise Ford January 2016 – May 2019

Melanie Olmstead was definitely an unsung actress of Hollywood who played many roles in Hollywood but as we know most of the time, the supporting characters’ roles always have been overshadowed by the lead characters. And they become the characters of poor negligence. no matter how talented they are and how crucial their role was in it. Melanie Olmstead is one such example of this harsh reality. She is not so popular. She came in the headlines recently although she died in May 2019. the reason is obvious when the popular drams show Youngstone who is setting new records in terms of popularity gave a tribute to Melanie Olmstead in their recent episode.

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Well coming to her personal life –

She was born in 1968 in the salt city of Utah. she struggled a lot in her career. She spent almost 20 years of her life in the industry and contributed to many Hollywood movies and shows as supporting characters.

Olmstead primarily started working for Yellowstone as a filming crew and also played the responsibilities of transporter for production teams. She left for a heavenly abode after crossing 50 springs of her adventurous life. She started working in Hollywood in 2000.

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Melanie Olmstead Career

While working hard to set her career, she finally got a chance to appear in a Disney movie where she played the role of a driver. Although her role was quite short and didn’t help her to get much recognization. But as we know success does not come easily so she struggled a lot and done many films and shows withing overthinking much. And her consistency to appear on-screen lead her to success. She became an inseparable part of Yellowstone in a short period of time.

She worked on various projects like –

  •  Benji: off the leash,
  • Frozen,
  • Darling Companion.

That same year, she has also worked as a driver on the Disney blockbuster John Carter, as well as 12 dogs of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue.

Wind River (driver: Jeremy Renner)
 2015 – Point Break (driver: Utah)
 2015- Wild Horses (additional driver)
 2014- Jackie & Ryan (driver)
 2012 – 12 Dogs of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue (driver)
 2012 – John Carter (driver)
 2012 – Darling Companion (driver)
 2010- IFrozen (driver: van)
 2004- Benji: Off the Leash! (van driver)

Melanie Olmstead was an adopted child?

Yes, Melanie Olmstead was an adopted child by her parents. as she was born on 15 November 1968 in Utah. But she was taken care of by her adopted father who was a military vet. She was adopted by Reid Howard and Janet Corbridge.

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But unfortunately, the storm of griefs was not ended for Melanie as her mother Janet Corbridge passed away in 1979. And later on, her father got married to Loa Rose Hanson. So her childhood was passed with her father and stepmother.

Then, later on, she lost her father too in 2016. That was a very tough time for her. As she lost her both parents who have adopted and raised her.

Melanie Olmstead was an advocate for her profession. She also advocated many cases that were related to animals. and simultaneously she started working in TV and film production in UTAH.

Melanie Olmstead Love Life?

Melanie gets fallen in love with Annalise Passage who was a lesbian. you will be surprised to know that Passage also died in 2019. Well till now no connections have been found out between both deaths.
Moreover, she was an ardent lover of horses. she can’t stop her love expressing for animals especially for horses in her all social media posts. If we take a look at her Instagram account, then you will find numerous posts related to horses and animals. She was an avid lover of horses that is quite evident from her timeline.

Melanie Olmstead married?

Yes, she was married but she couldn’t enjoy her married life for a long time. As after dating Annalise Ford in 2015, she finally locked her wedding locks with Annalise Ford. She just spent her married life with her soulmate for 4 years. And suddenly in 2019, the news broke out that she is no more now. Well, the news was all of a sudden shock for all. The reasons for her death are not revealed yet.

How Melanie Olmstead died?

Melanie Olmstead left for her heavenly abode quite early. she was just 5o years old. But her contribution to the Hollywood industry was impeccable. She was a lively and energetic woman, a great pet lover who fought for animal rights many times. But her death has now become a mystery. The reason does not disclose by the legal authorities yet. Although after the tribute of Yellowstone, she came in headlines and the fans started speculating about her death. Many fans stated it a suicide attempt while some are claiming it to be a suicide. But the majority are those who are asking for a proper investigation of her death reasons. In fact, her death rituals are not known yet. Her family, friends have not issued any public statement for the fans of Olmstead.

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Was her death a Suicide?

Well, many fans are claiming it to be a suicide but till now no proofs have been raised by anyone to justify the statement. She loved horses a lot. In fact, the last post that can be seen on her social media account Facebook is for her horse Moahogany whom she wished birthday with a cute post.

Tribute to Melanie Olmstead by Yellowstone

As we told you that Melanie Olmstead used to be an impeccable part of Yellowstone. So her untimely and uninformed death rises speculations everywhere, But to give a tribute to her for all the work she has done for Yellowstone, the company decided to give her a tribute. So in the latest season of the popular drama show, they penned a not for her. At the end of season 2, she got a tribute, included a little card.

Final Words :

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Hey folks, I hope now you are well aware of who Melanie Olmstead was, how she died.

To get more such updates, follow and keep yourself intact with all the entertainment and tech world news.



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