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Meta claims – Hate speech content reduced on Facebook and Instagram, company released figures



Facebook has been working on different measures for some time to reduce content like ‘hate speech, ‘fake news on its platform. The company had also claimed that it will also take strict action against those accounts, pages, and groups that promote content like Hate Speech. Recently, Facebook, which was rebranded as Meta, claimed in its report that the company has reduced the spread of hate speech on its platform. Hate speech has declined for the fourth consecutive quarter this year. It has seen a decline of 0.02 percent in the third quarter (Q3).

Huge drop in hate speech content in Q4

In the September quarter (Q3), it was 0.03 percent or 3 views of hate speech per 10,000 views of content on Facebook, compared to 0.05 percent or less than 5 views of hate speech per 10,000 views of content in the second quarter Is. “We are seeing a steady decrease in hate speech due to improvements in our technology and ranking changes that reduce problematic content in News Feed,” Meta said in a statement. The social network removed 13.6 million pieces of content on Facebook for violating its violence and incitement policy. According to the company’s released data, “On Instagram, we removed more than 3.3 million posts of this content with a proactive detection rate of 96.4%.”

9.2 Million Bullying and Harassment Content Removed in Q3

In Q3, the rate of Bullying and Harassment content was 0.14-0.15 percent and Bullying and Harassment had between 14 and 15 views per 10,000 views of the content on Facebook. On Instagram, it was 0.05-0.06 percent, or between 5 and 6 times per 10,000 views of content on Instagram. “We removed 9.2 million bullyings and harassment content on Facebook with a proactive rate of 59.4 percent. We removed 7.8 million bullyings and harassment content on Instagram with a proactive rate of 83.2 percent,” the company said.
Meta will make this big change in 2022

The Meta company said in a statement that from January 19, 2022, we will remove options that are related to topics that people may consider sensitive.

Such as health, ethnicity, political, religious reasons, references to organizations or public figures will be removed. Meta said earlier this month that it had removed more than 30 million pieces of content on Facebook and Instagram in India in September, as it faced intense protections over user data privacy.

India at number one in Facebook’s Integrity Country Priority List

According to the Economic Times report, India’s name has come at the top of Facebook’s Integrity Country Priority List in 2021. After India, in Tier, I category, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, and Ethiopia are also included in this list. Other countries on the list include the Philippines, Yemen, Egypt, Russia, and Myanmar. In an internal memo of the social media giant, it has been said that this year in India, we need to be out of risk with respect to losses like misinformation, violence, violence, and hate speech.

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