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Meta’s next VR: Meta’s next VR headset will come in October, Mark Zuckerberg gave information, know the full news here




Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that the tech giant’s upcoming virtual reality (VR) headset will arrive in October this year. According to the new media report, which is based on Zuckerberg’s statement, it has been suggested that the headset will probably launch around the company’s annual Connect event. Zuckerberg said that this device coming in October could have some great features.

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Eye and face tracking

The report states that he described new social options that will be enabled with eye and face tracking. In it, Zuckerberg referred to the company’s Project Cambria, a high-end VR, and mixed reality headset compared to the current Quest 2, which uses eyes and faces to more naturally represent the wearer’s expressions and body language. Uses advanced features for key tracking.

He also noted that there is more nonverbal communication when people are with each other in addition to verbal communication. VR headsets are going to give users the ability to “make eye contact in virtual reality. That means if you smile or speak or if you pat, you can translate it into your avatar in real-time.”

This will be the cost of a VR headset

However, Zuckerberg has not given any information about the price of the headset. But according to Variety, the next-generation VR on the headset will be more than twice as expensive as the current Meta Quest 2. Let us tell you that its price starts from $ 400. Variety reports that Meta previously confirmed that the upcoming VR headset will cost “significantly more” than $800.

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In the same interview, Zuckerberg also admitted that Facebook had algorithmically censored the Hunter Biden laptop story for a week. Mark said he did so because of a general request from the FBI to restrict election misinformation.

Since Facebook was rebranded to Meta,

the company has been recasting the whole company as a “metaverse” business rather than a social media one, pitching its strategy as one of building a universe of multiple, virtual worlds for all users.

Some may be skeptical of the premise and the motivation behind the messaging pivot, but the company has marched onwards and made efforts to better knit together the different kinds of experiences it’s developing. Horizon Worlds, for example, is a social platform tailored for VR headsets available in select countries. It’s been criticized for hacky graphics, however, so claims of the next VR headset capturing facial expressions will be put to test.

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