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Microsoft brings New Features of Windows 11: New touch gestures, Start menu folders, and much more




Microsoft is bringing a number of new features to Windows 11 with a new update. The update is Build 22557, which is currently available to Windows Insiders. It is bringing new touch gestures, Start menu folders, a redesigned Task Manager, and lots more improvements to Windows 11. A new build of Windows 11 is available to testers today.

New Features of Windows 11

New Start menu

One of the big new changes is the ability to create folders in the Start menu. The update comes with a new Start menu that now supports folders. You can now drag and drop an app’s icon over another to create a new folder. This will make it easy to have multiple apps available at a glance on the pinned apps list without scrolling through pages or going to the apps list. This feature is similar to how you’d do the same on your smartphone home screen.

Users can then rearrange apps in the folders and add or remove them as they wish. The folders still cannot be renamed, but that is a feature that is expected to come too in future builds.

Touch gestures

Windows is adding five new touch gestures to the operating system with the new build. The first lets you swipe up on the taskbar to bring up the Start menu. You can then swipe down to dismiss it. You’ll also be able to swipe between pinned, all apps, and recommended / more on the Start menu.

The third new touch gesture lets you swipe from the bottom right of the taskbar to show the Quick Settings menu. It is useful if you need to toggle airplane mode quickly or access Bluetooth settings.

Users can also now swipe from the bottom right of the Taskbar to quickly open the Quick Settings, and a full-screen gripper will minimize accidental swipes in touch-based apps. Microsoft also suggests that rotating between landscape and portrait orientations has now improved.

Live captions

Windows 11 users will now be able to use Live captions on supported builds with the Win+Ctrl+L shortcut. This will bring up live captions for any audio that is being played back on any window.

Live Captions will greatly benefit people who are deaf or hard of hearing, but they’re also available for anyone to use and will be automatically generated on-device from any content that includes audio. Captions can float in a window or be displayed at the top or bottom of a screen. This looks like a great accessibility improvement to Windows 11.

Improved Snap layouts

New Snap layouts will allow you to drag an app to the top of a window and reveal all the layouts you can use. Microsoft is also improving its Focus feature to include a Do Not Disturb mode. It makes it a lot easier to quickly silence notifications, so you only see priority ones or ones for alarms.

Other changes

The build also comes with a redesigned Task manager with dark mode and a pane of tabs on the left edge of the window.

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