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Microsoft new feature to reduce game loading speed on Windows




Microsoft announces that it will soon bring support for the DirectStorage API for Windows Games. This will allow PC games to utilize the full speed of modern NVMe SSDs and significantly reduce the loading times for games.

Microsoft’s DirectStorage brings IO technology advancements to PC games that are available on Windows 10 and 11. Microsoft confirms that Windows games can ship with DirectStorage.

What Is Microsoft’s DirectStorage?

Microsoft’s DirectStorage API enables developers of Windows games to use faster storage devices, like NVMe technologies, to reduce bottlenecks.

This didn’t really make the most out of newer NVMe SSDs that are capable of multi-gigabyte read speeds, which meant loading times for games didn’t really see much improvement. Moreover, the games we play often contain compressed data in assets, which need to be decompressed before loading.

To recall, the Company announces DirectStorage API in September 2020 for the Xbox Series X | S consoles. But to date it is available to developers to implement in their games for the Xbox Series X

This API is part of the DirectX family, designed for the Xbox Series X’s Velocity Architecture. This technology allowed Microsoft to implement the Quick Resume feature into the Series X.

With the GPU interacting with the SSD, games stay in a pause-like state, allowing players to resume their gameplay from where they left off, without time-consuming loading screens and menus.

The new DirectStorage API brings to access to use multiple I/O processes at a time that too along with the use of decompression technologies. It allows the device to load bigger assets for games at fast speeds. This will help games load much faster as seen in the new Xbox consoles.

In its announcement, Microsoft does not reveal which games will support the feature, but we expect the titles which support the feature on Xbox to do the same for Windows. However, the feature will activate after developers push out an update for the same.

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