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Microsoft new reading feature helps students boost reading fluency



Microsoft Teams


  • Microsoft is adding a new feature to its video meet.
  • It will help students improve their reading fluency.
  • Microsoft has been operating on this feature for a pair of a long time.

Microsoft is adding a new feature to its video meet that will help students improve their reading fluency. Called ‘Reading Progress’, this facility will allow students to record the text themselves to read it. The tool provides teachers with the ability to assess accuracy rates, misconceptions, and more.

A recent Stanford University study found that the pandemic has affected students’ reading ability, with a drop of around 30 percent in reading fluency in early grades. With this feature, teachers will be able to measure the speed, accuracy, and expression of reading.

With the rise of digital classrooms and hybrid learning environments, Microsoft recognizes:

  • How crucial it is to help teachers find new ways to engage students remotely.
  • New tools and solutions launched include Reading Progress, to enhance students reading skills remotely
  • Features like Group Assignments in Microsoft Teams will empower educators and support students in their classroom experience.

Microsoft new reading feature:

If teachers do not want auto-detection, they can simply turn it off and watch a video of a student reading and then evaluate it manually. Driven by online work and learning amid the ongoing epidemic, Microsoft teams now have 145 million daily active users globally.

Microsoft has built a mispronunciation API that essentially measures confidence intervals and breaks words down based on a passage of text that a student is asked to read.

“The studying science will convey to you the much more a scholar reads out loud, the better their fluency will get. If lecturers can get time again to give more reading fluency assignments, that is an excellent point for examining in general.”

Microsoft is now hoping that this technology can be used beyond just students in elementary schools to help with reading fluency in special education, adult literacy, and elsewhere. It should also free teachers from having to spend so much time on reading-fluency practice.

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