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Microsoft to hike the XBOX Live Gold price




Microsoft has recently announced a price hike for Xbox Live Gold. The software giant has already started notifying existing Xbox Live Gold members about the changes in certain areas, and it will see the price rise by a dollar to $10.99 per month in the US and $5 for a three-month membership.

XBOX Live Gold price hike – What is it for you ?

  • If you’re an existing online 12-month or 6-month Xbox Live Gold member, there’s no price change. If you choose to renew your membership, it will renew at the current price.
  • The price of a 1-month Gold membership is increasing $1 USD and the price of a 3-month membership is increasing $5 USD or the equivalent amount in your local market.
  • If you’d like to upgrade your Gold membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate your remaining Gold time will also convert directly to Ultimate (up to 36 months). For example, if you have 11 months of Xbox Live Gold now, and you upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, those 11 months convert to 11 months of Ultimate at no additional cost.

Notification about the price hike

Members have already been notified in some regions. There are some regions where the prices are being adjusted. The members will receive an email and a message center notification over the next month letting you know what the new pricing is for your membership.

What is the new pricing ?

New pricing will be 1-month for $10.99, 3-months for $29.99, and 6-months for $59.99. You can always visit your account to manage your membership, and prices won’t adjust until at least 45 days after you receive the messages.

Summary – XBOX Live Gold price hike

In many markets, the price of Xbox Live Gold has not changed for years and in some markets, it hasn’t changed for over 10 years.

The decision so taken by the company is apt to some extent because change is always good. Especially when the change is much needed.

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