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Minecraft Bedrock Beta: Patch notes, how to download, and more



Minecraft Bedrock Beta


  • The developers have released a new beta version of Minecraft APK for Android.
  • In this update, the developers have fixed bugs and made changes.
  • Players can get a sneak peek at the upcoming update by playing the beta version.

Today, Mojang Studios is releasing Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta, which finally includes exciting new world-generation features. Players can find the features in new worlds by enabling the “Experimental Features” toggle in the beta. You can install the new beta now to test the new changes and submit feedback.

Minecraft Bedrock beta patch notes:

Minecraft 1.18

Caves & Cliffs: Experimental Features

  • Improved surface decoration that detects the difference between when blocks are generated underwater and underground.
  • Introduces large ore veins to world generation adding more strategy to mining.
  • They introduce noodle caves to world generation, creating small pathways between bigger caves.
  • Introduces the possibility of dry cave entrances that make it easier to access the new noise caves.
  • Introduces a new algorithm that finds suitable spawn positions closer to the origin.
  • Added logic to save and load SubChunks by absolute Y index to support data-driven dimension height ranges.

Non-Experimental Features and bug fixes

  • Campfires and Soul Campfires now stack in the inventory.
  • Candle now drops when Candle Cake is pushed by a Piston.
  • Collecting Fish or Axolotl no longer immediately releases them.
  • Renamed Structure Blocks will no longer have the incorrect data mode on creation.
  • Fall damage is no longer applied when falling into Scaffolding.
  • Fixed missing rightmost outline pixels on Signs when using §l for wide letters and Glow Ink Sac (MCPE-137802)
  • The Thorns enchantment now does Knockback to mobs.
  • Tweaked Iron Golem spawning logic to better match the Java Edition
  • Crimson Roots now have a small chance of growing on Warped Nylium blocks when using Bone Meal.

Get the Minecraft Beta for Windows 10 and Xbox One

  1. Both Windows 10 and Xbox One players will need to download the Xbox Insider Hub to register for the beta. Xbox Insider Hub is available in their app stores.
  2. After you’ve downloaded the Xbox Insider Hub, launch it.
  3. Go to Preview and look for Minecraft.
  4. Sign up for the Minecraft beta.
  5. After signing up, they can download the latest beta version from their stores.

Get Minecraft on Android devices.

  1. The beta registration and download process is easy on Android devices. Players need to launch the Google PlayStore and search for Minecraft.
  2. Open Minecraft’s official page on the PlayStore and scroll down to find the beta registration button.
  3. Sign up for the beta test.
  4. After signing up, players can download the Minecraft Bedrock beta.

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