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Minecraft Unblocked 2021 – How to Play in Schools? [3 Easy Ways]



How to unblock Minecraft

Looking the ways for Minecraft Unblocked? Want to play Minecraft in Schools or other specific places where it is blocked? Don’t worry. I  am happy to provide you the easy ways to Minecraft Unblock.

Everyone wants some break. The meaning of fun is different for individuals. Some love to play on the ground while others feel the most relaxed playing online games such as Minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular video game played by millions of people. To play Minecraft you need an Internet connection. But it is not a problem. To play Minecraft in a school or workplace, you’ll need to find some ways to work around that limitation.

Minecraft is such a good game that it is apart of many Educational Institutes. In order to avoid distraction among Students, Network administrators in schools often put restrictions on the private network. Yet, some Institutions have restricted their IP address. Then, in this case, what to do?

How to Unblock Minecraft at School?

To unblock Minecraft is not a difficult task. You just need to know a few easy and simple tricks. There are many ways to unblock Minecraft at Schools. But I gonna tell you the simplest ways. To use these methods you do not need to have the knowledge of tech.

The easiest way to unlock Minecraft is to use a premium virtual private network (VPN) service.

Steps of using a VPN to unblock Minecraft

If you are not able to download Minecraft on your device, try out VPN. VPN software is the easy solution to most of today’s privacy-related issues. But it is quite technical. VPNs help unblock Minecraft by encrypting the data.


#1) Download the VPN:

First, pick out your favorite VPN service. The best VPNs to download Minecraft are ExpressVPN and VyprVPN. Download and install it.

ExpressVPN is very easy and simple to use. It has 155 servers to keeps you online safely. Express VPN 12 month package would cost you $6.67/mt

VyprVPN is another great option. It provides you over 70 international server locations and a hefty 200,000 IP address so you can always find a way into where you need to be. It is the most affordable option. VyprVPN 12 month package would cost you $3.75/mth

#2) Connect to any server. 

Now, open the VPN and select a country you want to appear to be in. It’s better to select a nearby city or a neighboring country to ensure the smoothest experience. The speed of gaming depends upon the server you choose.

#3) Login

Simply log in to Minecraft. That’s it.

Downsides of using VPN

No doubt, the use of a VPN is the safest and easiest method. But remember two things before using it. The first one is you need to buy the VPN first. That’s means you need to lose your pocket for this. The second thing is In any Institution, you need the permission of the Authority.

But don’t worry, we have a solution to it. I am sharing another three 100 percent working methods for institutes. The experience of the game might be a little different. So without delay, let’s move to the methods.

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How to unblock Minecraft

There are dozens of methods in the market to unblock Minecraft. Note that the methods below focus on downloading Minecraft from the official website, not the versions you get from the Windows or Mac app stores.

1)Change HTTP to HTTPS.

If the ISP at your school is blocking the standard HTTP version of Minecraft’s official site, try accessing it by putting an “S” at the end of “HTTP”. you might be able to download Minecraft by adding a single letter to your URL. Some network administrators only block the standard HTTP version of

2)Bring Minecraft Yourself

If you have access to an SD card slot or USB port you can load Minecraft to your school or work computer directly from removable storage.

  1. First, Download and install Minecraft on your home computer.
  2. Keep a copy of the minecraft.exe file for later use.
  3. Access your Minecraft installation folder. Windows users can find it at this location: C:\Users\<Your-User-Name>\AppData\Roaming\.Minecraft  Mac users should look here: /Users/<Your-User-Name>/Library/Application Support/Minecraft
  4. Copy the entire Minecraft folder to your USB drive or SD card.
  5. Copy the minecraft.exe file to removable storage as well.
  6. Take your USB drive or SD card to the computer you want to play Minecraft on.
  7. Find the same directory on this computer that Minecraft was installed to on your home device.
  8. Windows users can copy .minecraft to the \AppData\Roaming directory, Mac users to /Library/Application Support
  9. Drag minecraft.exe from your removable storage and onto the new computer.
  10. Open Minecraft and start playing.

3) Download the game elsewhere.

Try getting the game from other websites. Your school may be only blocking the official site without any restrictions to accessing other sources. In that case, try collects links to all the most recent and older versions of Minecraft, letting you download them directly from Mojang, Minecraft’s developer, without having to visit their website.

Final Words

Well, this is the short article on “How to Unblock Minecraft”. Share it with your near and dear ones. In any case, you found difficulty, do let us know in the comments section below. We will be happy to help you.

Thanks for reading!

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