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Mobdro on Roku| Quick steps to set up Mobdro on Roku



Mobdro on Roku

Mobdro has risen to be one of the most popular video streaming apps in recent times. Mobdro gives access to content coming from free sources such as YouTube as well as other content such as sports, music, podcasts, gaming, news, and so on. It can even stream live events across the world.

You can download videos and watch them later offline. No doubt, there is a number of streaming apps available on the Internet such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus Hotstar. But all these are paid applications. Mobdro provides all these services at zero cost which makes it popular. But Mobdro is not available on Roku to download.

To ease your worries, we have prepared a quick guide on How to set up Mobdro on Roku in just a few minutes.

What is Mobdro?

If you are unaware of Mobdro, it is the best free streaming video platform. It is an android based application. Mobdro has a clean and simple interface. All the videos are arranged in different categories.

Roku is a device manufactured by a company of the same name. This device helps you to stream media like TV shows, movies, sports, etc. through the Internet directly to your TV. Roku has in built operating system that lets you access streaming content.

Is Mobdro for Roku?

Technically, it is not true. As mentioned earlier, Roku has it’s in built OS which has no official Mobdro app. We need some techniques to set up Mobdro on Roku.

Features of Mobdro on Roku

Now let’s look into some features that make Mobdro a great app to use on Roku:

  • Sleeping timer: Sleep timer helps you to protect your device battery.
  • You can download and watch videos later.
  • If you go with the Premium version Of Mobdro, you won’t need to experience any ads.
  • You can access Live TV, Live Sports, and a lot more on your Roku device at zero cost.

Things you will require to set up Mobdro on Roku

  • Your Roku device
  • Any Smartphone
  • Mobdro APK

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How to Install Mobdro on Roku?

Since the Mobdro app is a third-party application, and Roku doesn’t support any third-party application. So it is not available on Google Play Store as well as Roku Store.

But there is no need to worry as there are still some ways to download Mobdro on your Roku device.

This can be done through the screencasting feature. That means your TV will project the content of your other device.

To use Mobdro on Roku TV, follow the steps:

  • On your Android smartphone, open Mobdro’s official site.
  • Download the Mobdro application. Make sure you download the latest version of the app.
  • These days, smartphones have an inbuilt casting option. If in case, it is not available on your phone, then you need to download an app for it.
  • To download this app, Go to the Play store and search for the casting app for Roku and download it.

Mobdro on Roku

  • Then you need to check that Roku and smartphone are working on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On your Roku device, Go to Settings.
  • Then tap on System.
  • Next, select the Screen Mirroring option.
  • It will provide you three modes or options- PromptAlways Allow and Never Allow. Prompt means that the device that tries to connect with your Roku will get a notification much like how you would enter a password-protected Wi-Fi hotspot. On the other hand, Always allow will allow any device this privilege, much like how an open Wi-Fi hotspot works.

Mobdro on Roku

  • Tap on either Prompt or Always Allow as per your choice.
  •  Now, open the app that you have installed and search for your Roku.
  •  In this app, you will be able to spot your Roku device. Select it so that you proceed towards the casting of your screen.
  • Run the Mobdro app on your phone, this will automatically be mirrored to your screen.

Follow the same procedure to cast Mobdro on Roku for Roku express and Roku premium.

We have tested the same technique on the other devices and versions of Roku, and it works well.

More About Roku

There are three different types of Roku devices out there in the market:

Roku Box ($39) – This is pretty similar to a Blu-Ray player. Roku box is a set-top box. You can connect it to your TV through an HDMI cable. To connect it you need an internet or wifi connection.

Roku Streaming Stick ($49) – This is a pocket-size device similar to a USB flash drive that plugs right into the HDMI port of your TV instead of a USB port. The streaming stick connects to the internet via Wifi.

Roku TV (from $129) – Roku TV is the best in all that has its own operating system. You do not require you to connect any box or stick to your TV. Roku TV comes in different sizes and resolutions. This TV works with the internet.

Final Words

Well, this is all about Mobdro on Roku. Hopefully, you will get to know how to set up Mobdro on Roku. In case of any query, do let us know in the comment section below. Share it with your buddies.

Thanks for reading!

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