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Things You Should Do After a Motorcycle Accident



Were you or someone you know recently involved in a motorcycle accident? You surely must have gone through a lot of things. Asking you to do the right thing itself is quite tough for me (even when writing, so I know what you must be going through.) I know it’s challenging and might take more than what it needs to, but it is important that you do the right things after you meet a motorcycle accident!

It might be your fault or might be the other person’s fault, but the actions you take or do after the accident can have serious consequences on your insurance coverage and even legal disputes. In this article, I’ll guide you with the list of things you should do when you are involved in an accident.

1. Check for Injury

Check for injuries, don’t just check for your own injuries, but if there’s a co-passenger you were riding with then check for their injuries too. If a 3rd party was involved in an accident, even check if they are alright. In case there’s a need for a medical help, call 911 immediately. If things haven’t gone so far, great! But you still have to contact your insurance company.

2. Move your Bike off the Road

You surely don’t want to cause inconvenience to the other riders. That’s why if you are in a condition to be able to move your bike, then I would suggest you to take it off the road. That way, it’ll be safer for you, your bike and the other road users. However, if you are not in a condition to do so, just try to get yourself off the road.

3. Take Pictures

If you are not injured, I would suggest you to take the pictures. It really can help you with the insurance coverage and legal issues. For instance, you might need proof if the party involved in an accident false claims that it was you who crashed them! That’s why taking the pictures first can help you in the future.

4. Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

You may need a motorcycle accident attorney for a variety of reasons after your accident. If you are innocent, but the other parties claim the accident was your fault, if your insurance company denies your claim, your damages exceed the limits of your policy, or you have incurred severe physical injuries and associated costs, an attorney can help. Contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in your area today to obtain your rightful compensation for damages.

Don’t have a lawyer? Well, there’s a chance that you might need one. In most cases, he’ll help you with a lot of issues such as getting you insurance money, fighting against the person and even settlements in case you were the bad guy. I recommend checking out the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers if you don’t know the right lawyers. This service has the best lawyers with years of experience.

5. Call Your Insurance Agent.

Call your insurance agent as soon as you can after your motorcycle accident. Be prepared to offer them all of the information you have gathered for a streamlined experience. Remember, do not admit fault to anyone, including your insurance company. If your agent asks about your injury or motorcycle damage, insist that you will wait to offer this information until you have visited a doctor and brought your car to a professional mechanic. Underestimating your damages (pain and injuries often appear days after your accident) can reduce your rightful compensation.

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