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Mozilla Firefox 89 released with Proton UI, its biggest redesign in four years!! Check Details



Firefox Update


  • The Mozilla Firefox 89 web browser is now available for download.
  • The new update provides Linux, improved privacy settings, as well as various other changes.
  • It also improves the keyboard navigation for editable BoxModel properties in the Inspector panel.

Hi Readers!! If you are a Firefox user, there is good news for you, with the latest updated version, you can enjoy the fresh new look that provides simplified browsing, New toolbar, a new tab design streamlined menus, updated info bars.

In Mozilla Firefox 89, you’ll notice a number of changes, including:

In full-screen mode on macOS, it is now possible to hide the browser toolbars for a fully immersive full-screen experience. This brings macOS in line with Windows and Linux.

1. Updated prompts: Info bars, panels, and modals have a cleaner design and clearer language.

2. Simplified browser chrome and toolbar: Less frequently used items removed to focus on the most important navigation items.

3. Inspired tab design: Floating tabs neatly contain information and surface cues when you need them, like visual indicators for audio controls. The rounded design of the active tab supports focus and signals the ability to easily move the tab as needed.

4. Clear, streamlined menus: Re-organized and prioritized menu content according to usage. Updated labels and removed iconography.

5. Proton UI that is now rolling out to users is one of the most radical changes to the design in recent times, bringing changes to the tabs bar, with a major cleanup of the interface to get rid of unnecessary options and settings.

6. Fewer interruptions: Reduced number of alerts and messages, so you can browse with fewer distractions.

7. Cohesive, calmer visuals: Lighter iconography, a refined color palette, and more consistent styling throughout. In addition, they added support for smart zoom. Double-tap with two fingers on your trackpad, or with a single finger on your Magic Mouse, to zoom the content below your cursor on firefox.

New Policies to enhance the users experience

  • The AllowedDomainsForApps policy has been introducing. This allows you to define which domains allow you to access Google Workspace. It is based on the Chrome policy of the same name.
  • The ExtensionSettings policy has been updated to allow disabling updates to individual extensions with the disabled option.
  • The Preferences policy has been updated to support preferences that begin with gfx. or layers.

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