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Must Have Free iPhone Apps in 2021



When we think of the iPhone most of the time it is premium apps with a price tag that can dig a hole in your pocket. We cannot disregard the value they bring thought and do not see their purchase as a waste of our hard-earned money.

The Apple App Store is not just filled with apps that have a purchase tag. There are countless applications that come with the zero money tag yet they are amazingly free and can give you a full discount on money and save your time as well.

The downside about this thing is that most of the time they are not worth the user’s attention. So here we are with the must-have free iPhone Apps in 2021 that would make your life easier. Some are totally free while others give enough options with the free version.

Let’s explore them together and find why they are so special. Feel free to download and explore these apps for more options and features.

Must have iPhone Apps

Oh Bother

Do you live or work in a shared space? If you do, Oh Bother is for you. It comes with a potential solution to the problem of constant disturbance and needs some off time.

Here you have to select an icon with a username. The next step is to set status (unalterable/botherable), then context ‘e.g. I am on a call’ or ‘I’m sleeping’, followed by the duration of the status. This can now be shared with other people as a message.

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The status will appear on other people’s screens immediately. Oh, Bother is easy to use with a friendly interface. Most importantly, it creates a consciousness in the people around you. Nothing could come closer when it comes to creating boundaries.

The only disadvantage of the app is that it works only on the Apple ecosystem. If the people around you are using android smartphones, the messages wouldn’t appear on their devices.


Another cool application from the makers of the language app Duolingo, Tinycards’ aim is to allow people to memorize things using flashcard sets. If we talk about Duolingo, it has already different sets of cards based on language, geography, and history to name a few.

Here, anyone can create a set and publish it. This has led to a flood of sets on various subjects. The process for memorization is to go through 60 second long drills. Here you are shown cards with the details to memorize them.

You are soon put to test by asking the information you have learned where you have to choose from multiple options or by typing the answers word to word. If you think you have given the right answer but the app has misjudged you, simply tap on the ‘I was right’ button and find justice.

iPhone Apps 2021


Do you like taking notes on the go? This app named Draft is one of the best out there for this purpose. If you like jotting ideas in the subway while having a quick snack or while out with friends on Saturday night, it is just a tap away from you.

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As soon as you open the app, you will see a blank page opened up for you with the keyboard erected up on the screen. The new inputs and notes can be found in the inbox where you can do other tweaks as you like.

In addition to basic input, you can do a lot of things from the same interface. Such as you can convert what you have written into a proper document, create a tweet out of it, or any social media post, email, or message for WhatsApp.

Tag and sort the notes from the inbox, flag them based on importance or archive them with a single finger press. Add spacing, margins, line heights, etc. These are all free, but if you buy a premium subscription it allows you to add and edit with quick actions.

You can add icons, themes, etc. with the insertion of workspaces and other features.

Otter Voice Notes

The best transcription app for your iPhone that can automatically transcribe your words in real-time. Finalize with punctuation, speaker ID, and searchable playback of your previous recordings. All of this just using iPhone’s mic or from a Bluetooth device.

Once the file is saved, you can edit it and fix the errors. You can export transcripts to text or to other apps; Share the file with someone, a group, or the public with the view-only option for them. With the free version of Otter Voice Notes, you can transcribe 600 minutes of audio each month.


In addition to these, you can download for free all the major social media apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft Office Suite, and more. What other application would you like to include in the list of must-have free iPhone apps in 2021? Tell us in the comments below.

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