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Netflix Adds Two-thumbs Up Option To Its Rating System: What It Means And How It Works?




The world’s largest content streaming platform Netflix on Monday announces a new double-thumbs up rating system. Going forward, viewers will be able to express their thoughts about a show or movie on Netflix with the help of three options – thumbs-up, thumbs-down, and the new double-thumbs-up rating system.

“We’ve been hearing from members that it’s important for them to distinguish shows they liked and the shows that they really loved — and that distinction was important to them,” explained Netflix Director of Product Innovation Christine Doig-Cardet. She said the company first trialed the feature using a variety of inputs, including what some would argue is a more obvious indication of love: a heart button. But the numbers from the tests showed that users best responded to the Two Thumbs Up option, which felt like a more natural extension of the existing Netflix rating system.

Netflix adds the Two Thumbs Up button

This will give more agency and control to Netflix members and help refine their recommendations better. The feature will also help Netflix get a clear idea between titles a user simply liked versus those they loved.

The ‘two thumbs up’ option will act as yet another input in Netflix’s algorithm that recommends shows to users and carry more weightage as well. “It is a stronger signal for the algorithm. It goes into the mix of what kind of content a user is interested in watching,” Doig-Carder pointed out.

Here is what the double-thumbs up rating on Netflix means

Up until now, Netflix had a single like or dislike button using which people can provide feedback. If users like the content they are watching, they can give it a thumbs up. On the other hand, if they do not like the plot or characters or any other thing about the series or movie they are watching, they could give it a thumbs down. However, users should consider the new double thumbs-up rating as something that will help fine-tune their Netflix recommendations.

She points out that Netflix is constantly adding features to give more agency to users on what they wish to watch. It includes the ability to remove some shows from the ‘continue watching’ option.

Netflix’s new two thumbs up button will appear after the dislike and like button next to a title.

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