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New items, features and changes to the game after the Free Fire OB32 Update, see the full list here



Free Fire Season 45 Elite Pass

Free Fire OB32 Update is live. A new patch update has been released for both Illuminate Free Fire and Free Fire Max. With the release of Illuminate, players will get to play the game with lots of new items and changes. Users will now be able to use a brand new Weapon Charge Buster.

There will also be a new matchmaking function in Craftland. Apart from this, many new features and changes have come in Free Fire. Let us tell you its complete list. We have told in previous articles how you can download the new update on Android or Apple devices.


Skyler: The Hold-to-aim function has been added to the skill button for better accuracy in this character.

Know all the new features of this game

Olivia: Extra HP has been increased for reviewing teammates.

Xayne: Extended skill active time, increased Glue Wall damage, reduced cooldown. With this, this character will be able to last longer in difficult situations than before.

Maxim: Reduction in the time taken to use medkits.

Clash Squad

Free Fire OB32 Update Map

New map: Alpine map has now been made available in Clash Squad and Clash Squad ranked modes.

New areas: New areas, Hangar and Nurek Dam have been added to the Bermuda map.

Map balance adjustments: Adjustments are made in Katulistiwa, Mars Electric, and Mill of the Bermuda Map.

Bonus airdrop: Airdrop will land on the map in each round of Classic Clash Squad Mode.

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Battle Royale

Dam area reworks: The area from Bermuda Remastered to Nurek Dam has been added to the Bermuda Map.

Safe Zone: The time and speed of the first few safe zone shrinks have been modified to increase the pace of each match in Classic Battle Royale mode.


After the arrival of this patch, players who are alive again can make their comeback with level 1 armor and pistol.

Weapon and Equipment
New weapon: Charge Buster

Weapon adjustments: Many weapon adjustments have been made since the Free Fire OB32 Update, including M1014, SPAS12, M1887, MAG-7, UMP, MP5, MP40, P90, Thompson, MAC10, Mini Uzi, Vector, M500, SCAR, AUG, Kingfisher, and Flashbang.
New explosive protections: Facility to avoid explosives

Training Grounds

Training Grounds: New enemy-sized targets have been added to the training grounds.

Weapon Tags: Weapon Tags will be displayed in the backpack for the convenience of the players.

Matchmaking function: The new matchmaking function will be available at Kraftland. A random map from the hotlist will be issued for the match.

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