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New State Mobile gets new story missions with update: Details here



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New State Mobile with its new 0.9.24 update brings in multiple new story missions as a part of Survivor Pass Volume 4. The protagonist for this season is biker Arnie ‘Mayhem’ Kopelson. Completion of these story missions in Survivor Pass will allow players to unlock costumes and character skins for free.

The Premium Survivor Pass unlocks the Imperial Guard Costume Set. Purchasing Premium Plus Pass will allow players to instantly receive ‘better’ rewards. Reaching a certain pass level after purchasing a Premium Pass will result in the NC amount to the player.

New State Mobile with its new 0.9.24 update is live

New State Mobile Update 0.9.24 is now live and it packs a whole lot of content, including a brand-new game mode, Round Deathmatch. The new story mission involves the player working with Arnie ‘Mayhem’ Kopelson and his gang of arms-dealing bikers that have rolled into Troi on Christmas Eve with supplies.

On Tuesday, Krafton reveals that gamers who complete Kopelson’s weekly missions will be able to meet the biker and his gang.

New Survivor Pass Badge Feature

Your Survivor Pass badge information will now be displayed with your nickname so that you can check Survivor Pass progress at a glance!

  • For every 10 levels obtained through the Survivor Pass, the pass badge will grow by one-tier.
    • EX: Pass Level 1-10 → Tier 1
    • EX: Pass Level 41-50 → Tier 5
  • The badge designs for the Premium Pass and the Premium Plus+ Pass have been changed to a more special design.

During the Week 1 tasks, gamers must obtain five Mayhem stickers in Troi. They also have to find three toolboxes and Doug’s whisky flask in the Trailer Park area. Under Week 2 tasks, gamers have to obtain three Mayhem buckles in the Trailer Park area, have to locate five empty water canisters in Troi, and find three roses in Troi’s Graveyard area.

Here are all the story missions added to the game so far:

Week 1

  • Obtain 5 Mayhem stickers in Troi
  • Find 3 toolboxes in Troi’s Trailer Park area
  • Find Doug’s Whisky Flask in Troi’s Trailer Park area

Week 2

  • Obtain 3 Mayhem buckles from Troi’s Trailer Park
  • Find 5 empty water canisters in Troi
  • Locate 3 roses in Troi’s Graveyard area

New State Mobile (PUBG New State) has recently added the Round Deathmatch mode, which is a 4v4 game mode where the first squad to win 4 out of 7 rounds wins the match. Another new addition includes MP5K, Crossbow weapons, and a Round Deathmatch mode in the Arena map. The update also introduces the capability for players to revive or recruit a downed player faster.

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