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New State Mobile v0.9.26 update arriving on March 17; maintenance schedule, changelog reveals



New State Mobile Erangel 2051

New State Mobile is going to roll out a new v0.9.26 Update. PUBG New State will undergo maintenance in preparation for the upcoming March update. The popular battle royale game for Android and iOS smartphones will be down for maintenance on March 17. The next update to New State Mobile will bring new content including weapons, and improvements to the game, along with changes to the Erangel map.

The March update will also add a new McLaren hypercar to the game, as part of a collaboration with the company. The game will also build on adjustments related to vehicles in the game.

New State Mobile v0.9.26 Update Details

According to a video shared by Krafton, the upcoming March update will resolve image optimization issues for iOS and Android devices. The Erangel map is also getting an update. It will add a new area -Avanpost to the map. Ferry Pier is getting a new loot area and a large factory will add to the quarry, according to Krafton. Item and vehicle spawn rates will change and the Electron will be available in Erangel.

Publisher Krafton announces on the New State Mobile website on Tuesday. The popular game will close for maintenance on March 17, while the March update, also known as the v0.9.26 update, is installed. During this time, the game will be inaccessible to players. The downtime is scheduled for 1 am to 6 am UTC (or 6:30 am to 11:30 am IST), according to Krafton. However, the downtime could be extended in case of any issues while the update is installed.

Weapon balance adjustments have been added in the March update, and the L85A3 now has higher damage and effective range, while the bullet range of the SKS has been increased. The bold action speed has been increased for the KAR98K (C1), while the horizontal recoil control has been reduced for the MP5K (C1). The Mini-14’s C1 has been revamped to increase damage but at the cost of higher vertical and horizontal recoil. Meanwhile, the S686’s C1 now allows users to shoot single-fire shots instead of 2-shot bursts. According to the developer, Crafton has also improved deviation control for the choke.

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