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New Yahoo Mail app available now on Android and iOS- Check New features here



Yahoo Mail app

Yahoo just announced a new Yahoo Mail app. The app arrives with tons of new features. These new features include the ability to track shopping receipts and purchases, as well as the ability to delete all messages from a sender in just one tap. Yahoo says these features will help users in uncluttering their inboxes, save time and improve productivity.

The new updates amplify Yahoo Mail’s core offerings connecting millions of users daily — including the feature of 1TB of free storage. Gmail, in comparison, gives a paltry 15GB that includes multiple services

The New Yahoo Mail App makes users’ lives easier based on their interactions and interests while providing world-class utilities to offer users quick and easy access to the information that matters most.

Updated Top-of-Inbox Navigation:

It enables contextual filters for users to toggle between ‘Inbox,’ ‘Attachments,’ ‘Starred’, and more. It also includes a ‘Travel’ filter for users to manage their travel itineraries through email, where they can keep track of all their travel reservations.

Group by Sender

This new feature will allow users to ‘group’ emails by domain to quickly find important messages and deals. Users can delete messages sent by a specific person. It also lets viewers see emails from one sender without the hassle of typing into a search bar. There’s also a new One-tap unsubscribe option where users can unsubscribe from one or many brand promo emails and newsletters all in one place.

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Top of Inbox Navigation

Yahoo has also updated the top-of-inbox navigation as its user testing showed that people spend more time looking at the top area of the screen on email, rather than the bottom. The new top-of-inbox navigation now has contextual filters — users can toggle between ‘Inbox,’ ‘Attachments,’ ‘Starred’ and more.

The contextual filter adapts their screen to give them maximum viewability based on what they want to see. It also includes a ‘Travel’ filter, where users can easily keep track of all their upcoming travel reservations in one place.

Receipts View

Receipts view will help users see receipts for all their online orders in one place– be it lunch from Zomato to a regular package from Amazon or Flipkart. Yahoo will also point out returns, refunds, etc in the tab. The way Yahoo has designed this filter is that it will be able to extract the product information, the price, and even refund details–if any.

Connect All Your Accounts:

Users can access their Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Microsoft, or other accounts in one place and take advantage of extra features.

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