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Nintendo Switch Lite is in stock at Target and GameStop: Latest inventory update




Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge upswing in videogame usage as millions continue to stay home. That’s left the Nintendo Switch nearly impossible to find since at least March, as the pandemic has disrupted the global electronics supply chain and the fact that sleazy resellers have been using bots to scoop up what little inventory exists. Oh, and the popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons hasn’t helped, either. 

But starting at the end of April, the Nintendo Switch Lite slowly but surely returned to many retailer shelves, popping up at Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy and Target — and often disappearing just as quickly. We’re collating available stock here at the MSRP of $200, but note that pricing and availability change frequently. Please double-check before completing a purchase. 

And no, you can’t connect this version of the Switch to your TV — that’s only the pricier $299 Switch that remains out of stock nearly everywhere, though there are indications that shortage may finally begin abating by summer. But if you need more encouragement to take the plunge on the Lite model, you can read CNET’s review of the Switch Lite.



Right now, Amazon has no new units available for online purchase at $200.     

Best Buy

Right now, Best Buy has no new units available for online purchase at $200.   


Out of stock

This list also includes units available at a higher price via a third-party reseller, or ones that are only available for pickup in a brick-and-mortar store location.

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This article is updated frequently to reflect availability. 

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