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OpenAI’s new ChatGPT bot: 10 dangerous things You should beware



chatGPT becoming a fool

AI has been hailed as revolutionary and life-changing, however, it arrives with drawbacks too. ChatGPT is an AI-generated Chatbot that can have human-like conversations, translate, and provide users with information. Despite the initial Research stage, ChatGPT quickly made headlines for its ability to automate tasks and produce reliable content. After Google has openly stated that “Appropriate use of AI is not against our guidelines”, it is really important to understand ChatGPT issues.

Released in November, this AI bot quickly became the fastest-growing Consumer application in history, with 100 million active users in just a few months. Sam Altman, the CEO, and co-founder of OpenAI stated that ChatGPT can do enough good things but it’s a mistake to rely on it for anything important right now as ChatGPT is not yet completely ready to rely on it for anything important.

Despite being an exciting technology, ChatGPT has several limitations that Employers should be aware of before completely relying on. Today in this detailed guide, we will discuss 10 dangerous ChatGPT issues that you should be aware of. So keep reading the post till the end:

ChatGPT Issues: 10 Dangerous things you should beware of

Besides understanding the importance of ChatGPT like AI service, it is really necessary to understand its potential downsides. Let’s take a closer look at the possible dangers of ChatGPT:

1)Rise in the Cybercrimes

Recently, Cybersecurity Research firm Hoxhunt surveyed ChatGPT. The Research team wants to check how well the OpenAI chatbot can write phishing emails. This test was conducted to check how well ChatGPT can write an email so that human being is convinced to open and click on the phishing link.

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A total of 53,127 users were sent this email. Surprisingly human Social Engineers outperformed ChatGPT by 45%. With ChatGPT-like AI tools, security is at stake as Cybercriminals are already using such tools to generate phishing emails. This could save scammers a lot of time which leads to an uptick in the number of attacks

2) Biggest ChatGPT issues>>Job Losses

As the ChatGPT technology is adopted in Industries like Marketing, Manufacturing, and healthcare, Eighty Five million jobs are expected to be lost to automation between 2020 and 2025. As this AI bot is much smarter the same jobs will now require fewer humans.

3) It lacks Empathy

The content generated by ChatGPT is neutral, so it fails to produce emotive content. However, content that has emotions and empathy succeeds in humanizing your brand.

4) The information it provides might not be up to date

ChatGPT is trained on various datasets, books, websites, and articles from various sites. It cannot access the Internet to access new information. This led to the limited information based on data present at that time. So there is a possibility that the information you receive from this AI Chatbot is not up to date. The bot itself encourages users first to verify the accuracy of the information it provides to them.

Moreover, ChatGPT has the capability to do numerous Calculations, such as calculating Payroll deductions for State and Federal Income tax; it can also produce Excel formulas, calculate wages based on hours, and more. But you can’t rely on ChatGPT for these Calculations as there is no guarantee of Accuracy.

5) ChatGPT is biased

Sometimes ChatGPT produces answers that discriminate against gender, race, and minority groups. This is due to ChatGPT used to generate answers based on collective writings of humans worldwide. Due to this reason, there is biases exist in the system. OpenAI is aware of this issue and said they are addressing this “Biased Behavior” by collecting user feedback.

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There is a potential that this biased behavior can cause harm to people and Society. Do note that ChatGPT is not the first AI chatbot facing this issue. Before this, Facebook releases the AI model Galactica, and Sparrow owned by Google arrived and shut down due to similar safety concerns. So it is advisable not to access this tool until this problem solves.

6) ChatGPT has the ability to Challenge High School Challenge

ChatGPT has the ability to do anything from writing Cover letters to describing major themes in a famous work of literature. Teachers even did experiments by giving English Assignments to students and ChatGPT. ChatGPT answers are far far better than what students produce. If ChatGPT could do all the writing work for you without hesitation in a short span of time. This really raises the question-If ChatGPT can write for us, why do students need to learn writing in the future? This AI chatbot will gonna impact lots of industries, including Education.

7) Lack of Morals

While dealing with Sensitive issues, ChatGPT is not an appropriate tool. Since every person has the right to set their ethics, beliefs, opinions, and morals. However, some social norms are not suitable for any given society. So this could be problematic.

8) ChatGPT Server is down

Since February 21, both the ChatGPT website and API have been down. Since that day, this tool is failed to give a response. When anyone tries to receive a response, it says, “A Server Error Occurred while processing your request. We are sorry. Please retry and Contact the Service center. However, it is found that from that day users are receiving the same message.

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9) Privacy Issues

When you log into ChatGPT, the tool warns users that “Our AI trainers may review conversations to improve our System and Cautions. Please do not share your personal information in your Conversations. To get the benefit of the tool, is more likely that Employees will ignore these warnings and provide confidential business information and secret.

This raises the concern of exposing your business under a rising tide of privacy laws. To avoid leaking Confidential data, it is necessary that Employers might consider blocking access to such tools on any work device.

10) Misinformation

Misleading information is a serious hazard associated with ChatGPT. This model is based on pre-written articles that may contain errors or be misleading. Chances that the health-related information it will provide is wrong or incomplete. Since ChatGPT only provides the crawling data from 2021 or earlier, so it may provide wrong information. But in the medical sector, it is essential that the information you share with your audience should be correct and up to date.

Final Words

That’s everything about the possible ChatGPT issues you will face while accessing this AI chatbot professionally. Chatbot is still developing, so relying completely on this tool is not a good idea. I hope you will find this post helpful and informative. One thing is sure; it will gonna a bad impact on the Education sector. Keep sharing it with your family and friends.

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