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Opersus Reviews: Is It Legit or Scam?



Opersus Reviews

Do you like to buy fancy items for your wardrobe and have visited Opersus. You checked Opersus Reviews but didn’t find anything good about it. So, now you are in doubt for its authenticity. Then read out the post till the end and you will have all the answers.

Many users were seen asking on the web whether Opersus -An online store legit or a scam? Actually, Opersus is an online store that provides a variety of products related to household and fashion.

Here, we are providing various facts related to Opersus. We have done deep research on and gathered these facts for you, which shall help people worldwide, including in the United States to know about the site’s authenticity.

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Opersus Reviews

Lifestyle plays an important role in vision-making. Who doesn’t like to wear good stuff? A quality product increases the confidence of the person who wears it.

But sometimes for the sake of fashion, we get trapped. There are many websites that provide multiple offers and discounted prices on various valuable items. But not all of them are trustworthy. Sometimes a single click on any link may let you lose a big amount from your accounts.

So it is always suggested to think before making any click. If the link or website appears suspicious, then first do the research about it. And only after confirmation of its authenticity, make any clicks.

However, the people from the United States take this as a challenge, and they keep on surfing the internet for a variety of stuff and the websites related to it.

What is Opersus?

Let us first know about What is Opersus. Opersus is basically an online shopping website that trades items of various categories like home furnishing, power tools, fashion, decor, etc.  The main origin of this website is the United States.

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This website claims to give the best deals to the customers at the best possible discounted prices.  Here from a safety pin to home furniture, you will get everything at affordable pricing such as house furniture at $96, heavy drill press at $96, lamps at $77.49, etc.

Is Opersus Legit?

So, we have done a detailed analysis and curated a list of some facts and figures based on which you can check Opersus Reviews and know whether it is legit or a scam.

As we said earlier too. Today we have witnessed so many online frauds from such e-stores. So, it is always better to check all reviews before and observe some checkpoints available that help you understand the website’s actual intentions.

  • Alex rank– the Alexa rank of the Opersus is 1,912,398.
  • Index score– the website trust score si someway how that is only 1%.
  • Trust rank– Also the index rank is quite low which is 48.5/100.
  • Customer Response –On checking reviews of customers on the official website, we don’t find much information there.
  • Social media icon– the social media icons are available on the website, but the links are not working as it leads you to the share interface of the respective platform.
  • Address – the address given on the website is not correct. 
  • Policies– The policies available there seem to be ambiguous.
  • When we checked the domain registration date of the website -the site is established on 08/03/2021.
  • Domain expiration date-its domain is validated until 08/03/2022.
  • Content quality-Almost all the content present on the website is plagiarized.
  • Owner’s information– There is no information related to the owner of the website, which is not a good sign.
  • Unrealistic discount– The discounts mentioned on this website are quite unimaginable. At such lower prices, we don’t believe, how can they sell items. So there must be a goof-up in that also.

Read out the specifications:

  • The Url of  this website is
  • The contact person mentioned on the website is Stan Purwin.
  • The email address given over there is
  • The contact number is – (410)740-2539
  • The address written on site is 10306 Tailcoat Way, Columbia, MD-21044.
  • The shipping policy mentions that order ships from Monday to Friday within 24 to 48 hours to domestic and international.
  • The return policy allows a user to return the items which are not used and unwashed within 30 days of their purchasing.
  • Here on the website, it is mentioned that all sorts of shipping and return fees will have to be paid by the customers only.
  • if you make a refund request, then it is possible, but it will take seven working days, and the payment amount will be sent to the original payment method.
  • There are a variety of payment options like  PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and more.
  • When we look for the Cancellation or exchange policy on the website, we realized that it is not mentioned anywhere.
  • Also, on looking for social media icons, No social media icons were available on the website.
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  • The main advantage we found about this website after checking Opersus Reviews is that all the terms and conditions are descriptive and cover all the legal points.
  • Here a site map is also given for better navigation on site.
  • All sorts of privacy policies are mentioned in detail.

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Let us now talk about the cons of the website. The facts that we disliked on this website are based on the customer’s Opersus reviews.

  • There is a higher probability that the website gets copied from some other portal, which is another scam website.
  • Proper authentic Customer reviews are not given on the website.
  • So, It is generally not advisable to trust this scam website.
  • We in fact, don’t find any connection between Opersus with big platforms like Quora, and Reddit.
  • There is no link given with social media platforms like  Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • The discounts mentioned on the website are too huge to believe.
  • The given prices are also too high to be true.
  • Also, The company address mentioned on the site can be easily copied and seems illicit according to Opersus reviews.
  • The website is not old much to browse safely. so we don’t trust this site, frankly speaking, so
  • The main reason behind this low trust is that -The website is linked to sites from countries known for other fraudulent websites.

What are the gains of ordering from Opersus?

  • The main thing we find good in this website is that – The website is SSL encrypted.
  • Moreover, the company is offering high-priced items at low prices, which is completely unbelievable.
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What are the losses of ordering from Opersus?

Now the question arises – what could one lose if someone has ordered already from this website?

  • The main fact to be understood here is that – The website does not have a verified email server.
  • Also, the Shoppers here are not allowed to buy items for more than $99.
  • The shipping policy is also not transparent.
  • The user interface of the website is similar to the scam store.

What are the Shoppers’ Opersus Reviews?

When we try to review the Shopper’s Opersus comments, we don’t find them anywhere on the official website. The only comments we got there, were inquiries about the website authenticity.

Conclusion based on Opersus Reviews :

Well, we don’t find the site to be trustworthy. The reasons are given above. The main fact which is bothering me so much is that – there is no reliable information given on the website about it. So, now the decision is yours. Whether you want to go ahead with this or not.

We have given all facts and figures that will help you decide whether Opersus is a scam or a legit one. I hope you would found the post informative. If yes, then do share it maximum with your friends and share your reviews in the comment section below,



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