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Overcooked 3 Release Date: When Will The Third Instalment of the Game Out?



Overcooked 3

Hey folks, Are you also desperately waiting for the Overcooked 3 release date? Then great news for you !! Your Wait is over. Overcooked 3 which is a sequel to the best-selling cooking game of the era will definitely come in the year 2022.

It will be soon released on various platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is definitely the most-awaited and loved series of all time. Ti his game has been an incredible journey for all the gamers community. So what are you waiting for? Start pre-ordering it now on Steam or the console store today!

Well, as you know, Overcooked 3 is a franchise of simulation games based on cooking. It was developed by Ghost town games.  The developer of the game has got support from both publishers of the original and the sequel Team 17.

So, in this post, we will take a glance at the possibility of a third mainline installment to the franchise that is named Overcooked 3 being in the developer’s kitchen, and when this potential title could be coming out. Right, let’s get into it.

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Overcooked! All You Can Eat

Overcooked, All you can eat is basically an updated version of the original Overcooked and Overcooked! 2, and all its downloadable content (DLC).

Here the game has an amazing user interface that is scalable. it comes with a variety of features like color blindness options and dyslexia-friendly text for players.

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Not only this, but also it comes with exclusive features that are hardly seen anywhere like assist mode and multiplayer support.  Moreover, Overcooked, All you can eat will be available for all the users on PS5 and will stir up a storm in campaign, survival, and practice modes.

Overcooked first originated in the year 2016 on various platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. Next year, that is in the year 2017, the game came for Nintendo Switch.

The major point here is that the players can play with the other users in the kitchen. Not only this,  this game became so popular and won many awards for being one of the best British Games and Best Family games.

Is Overcooked 3 coming in 2022?

Well, After that, the next series came into existence in the year 2018 and has come with lots of improvements. Since the creators always wanted to have a game that has superfluous environments and can ask players to make different sorts of dishes. Well, it’s not a routine to get other chefs, as it can happen anytime.

In the year 2020, Overcooked, all you can eat come up with two versions for consoles like PS4 and Xbox One versions. They were developed this way that users can have an advanced experience of a cooking game and can have the perfect look and feel of the next-generation gaming system.

Not only this, the gamers can run on 4k and at 60 FPS.  Team 17 and Ghost Town made Overcooked. It had 7 levels and lots of new things to do.

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Well, the first two games take a duration of whole two years. So, it is highly anticipated that the third game will be a spin-off in the franchise that may come anytime soon in the year 2022.

Now, it is expected that users will like the overview of the Overcooked franchise.

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The third season of Overcooked

In the year 2016, the game Overcooked was first made available for the gaming consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows platforms. So, in the year 2017, the game came to Nintendo Switch as well.

The most promising feature what we liked the most is that – here the players can give competition with each other in the same kitchen,  This series has gained lots of consideration and got two popular awards like Best Family Game” and “Best British Game.”

So, in the year 2020, Overcooked: All you can eat was released for consoles. Like PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S. Basically, it was a compiled version of both the games that were re-made with lots of new improvements with next-gen hardware.

So, the game can run on 4K and 60 FPS natively.  Well, the game was not just a visual remaster. As Team17 and Ghost Town added in 7 brand-new ideas for levels and also nearly 200 levels.

With a similar level design as the original games, to Overcooked: All You Can Eat, along with several new skins. Costumes, chefs, and achievements.

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So, now the question arises finally when can we expect the Overcooked 3 release? So the answer is – that the previous game has a time difference of two years. Since, Overcooked: All You Can Eat has come after two years after the second installment of the game. So keep this in mind.  It can be expected that a mainline installment called Overcooked 3 or maybe even a spin-off in the Overcooked franchise in 2022.

Final Words

Hey folks, this is all about Overcooked 3 release date information. I hope you will find it informative. If you liked the post, then do share it maximum with your friends and family. If you still, have any questions, then write to us in the comment section below.
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