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[Pann] List of idol group and solo idol singers’ longest Perfect All-Kills + 24 hours unique listeners on Melon



(Good All-Kill:A track achieves #1 every thing ; #1 on all realtime charts, #1 on all day by day charts, #1 on Instiz Weekly Chart, which is up to date hourly. For example IU’s Blueming achieved #1 on all charts 117 occasions)

Longest Good All-Kills

1.Zico-Any Music (274 occasions)
2.iKON-Love State of affairs (204 occasions)
3.IU, Park Myungsoo-Leon (136 occasions)
4.IU-Blueming (117 occasions)
5.BLACKPINK-Ddu Du Ddu Du (92 occasions)
6.TWICE-TT (91 occasions)
7.IU-You and I (74 occasions)
8.TWICE-Knock Knock (69 occasions)
9.GFRIEND-Tough (66 occasions)
9.BIGBANG-FxxK it (35 occasions)

Idol group songs with highest 24H distinctive listeners on Melon

1.BIGBANG-Flower Street (1,269,006)
2.BIGBANG-Fxxk It (1,210,585)
3.BIGBANG(GD &T.O.P.)-Zutter (1,057,407)
4.BLACKPINK-Ddu Du Ddu Du (1,015,669)
5.BIGBANG-Loser (1,005,278)
6.RED VELVET-Energy Up (987,862)
7.BIGBANG-If You (966,947)
8.BIGBANG-Final Dance (964,449)
9.BIGBANG-Bang Bang Bang (960,684)
10.BIGBANG-Let’s Not Fall in Love (942,976)

Solo idol songs with highest 24H distinctive listeners on Melon

1.IU-BbiBbi (1,462,625)
2.IU, Park Myungsoo-Leon (1,400,010)
3.IU-Love Poem (1,331,778)
4.Zico feat. IU-Soulmate (1,250,226)
5.IU-Twenty Three (1,249,034)
6.IU feat. G-Dragon (1,213,162)
7.IU-Autumn Morning (1,176,259)
8.IU-Blueming (1,150,646)
9.G-Dragon-Untitled (1,133,281)
10.IU feat. HyukOh (1,111,361)

1. [+133, -6] Bigbang’s music is basically dope

2. [+96, -5] IU and Bigbang are the China wall, additionally Zico is daebak

3. [+95, -57] Different folks hate how followers of boy teams like BTS line up their songs at evening which followers of Bigbang do not do. I acknowledge BTS however how many individuals from normal public know their songs?

4. [+54, 0] Bigbang, IU, Zico, iKON ㄹㅇ That is nice

5. [+43, -2] Often male teams rank increased due to their fandom however to be trustworthy Bigbang.. is a legend ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ… Normal public’s decide

6. [+28, -1] Male idols are normally weak on charts in comparison with feminine idols however Bigbang, Zico and iKON are wonderful. Happy with them

7. [+26, -2] In 2015, chosen by trade consultants:

Greatest Kpop model: 1.Bigbang 27 votes, 2.YG 22 votes, 3. SM 13 votes

Greatest Music: 1.Bigbang-Loser 21 votes, 2.Zion T.-Yanghwa BRDG 17 votes, 3.Bigbang-Bang Bang Bang 10 votes

Greatest Singer: 1.Bigbang 40 votes, 2.IU 14 votes, 3.Zion T. 10 votes

8. [+25, -3]  Bigbang, Zico, iKON, IU and Taeyeon do not rob the empty home. They’re the homeowners of the houseㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+24, -2] Bigbang’s music is so good. They all the time comeback with a greater track than anticipated ㄹㅇ Their music is basically 1st class

10. [+21, -5]  Bigbang’s songs aren’t lined up as a result of their followers stream laborious however as a result of normal public actually listens to their songs

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