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Payout Methods People Used at Casinos Before and Now



It is not enough to learn how to win at a casino — it is also crucial to be able to withdraw winnings on time. The conditions and speed of financial transactions are some of the main parameters visitors pay attention to when choosing a particular gambling establishment. Learn how people used to receive their payouts before and how to withdraw money from the casino account now.

How did people receive winnings before?

Unlike in the fast payout casinos in Canada working online, in land-based gambling clubs, all payment transactions are carried out through the cashier, and mainly cash is in circulation. Money in a real casino or gambling club is exchanged for chips in 3 possible ways:

  • at the cash desk;
  • at the gaming table;
  • in the exchange office.

Chips are equal to money value on the casino’s territory. Usually, you cannot use chips outside the casino, except for some Vegas casinos, which accept chips from other establishments operating in Nevada. Chips are used in real casinos for several reasons:

  • they are more convenient to use than regular cash;
  • they are harder to steal or fake;
  • they are easier to count in stacks compared to fiat currency;
  • chips allow the security service to define the payout amount fast, reducing the possibility of the dealer’s miscalculations. The weight of each chip makes it possible to quickly determine the total value of all chips in a large stack.

Consequently, if a player wins, he goes to the cash desk and exchanges chips on the real money. For large payouts, the procedure may take several days.

Modern cashout ways

Since the introduction of online gambling, a lot has changed. Modern online casinos offer customers a wide variety of withdrawal methods. For this purpose, electronic wallets, bank cards, or alternative methods can be used. When deciding how to withdraw money from a casino, you should consider all possible options.

The most common instruments for conducting financial transactions are:

  • Electronic wallets. These are reliable and trouble-free payment systems that can be used worldwide. They are ideal for withdrawing small amounts, but when it comes to large payments, the use of these tools can cause problems with taxes;
  • MasterCard and VISA. They are convenient for replenishing the account of an online casino account, but these tools are poorly suited for withdrawing funds. Firstly, it takes a lot of time to process the application, and secondly, banks often “freeze” the funds received before checking their origin;
  • Skrill and Neteller. It is convenient and safe to use them since the system is registered offshore. Also, the advantages of this option are the efficiency of processing applications and a low commission.

When deciding how to withdraw money from an online casino, carefully read the methods of conducting financial transactions. Clarify the processing time, the size of the commission, restrictions on the withdrawal of funds, compare different options and choose the one that is ideal for you.

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